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We have listed some products of TPE sex dolls to help you better wholesale sex dolls.

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TPE Sex Dolls Wholesale

100cm sex dolls

100cm sex dolls


Asian sex doll

Female sex doll wholesale


Big booty sex doll

Big booty sex doll

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Electric TPE Sex Dolls Supplier

realistic sex doll wholesale

realistic sex doll wholesale


sexy sex doll

robot sex doll


robot sex doll sexy

robot sex doll sexy


Asian Sex Dolls

curvy sex doll

curvy sex doll


midget sex doll

midget sex doll wholesale


creampied sex doll

creampied sex doll


About Wholesale TPE Sex Dolls More

milf sex dolls

The TPE adult dolls market

  1. Hot: Because of its cost-effectiveness, meeting complex needs, and strong sensory experience, it is very popular in the market.
  2. Share: About 50% of the market. It will fluctuate according to time and region.

Advantages of TPE sex dolls

  1. Versatility: The PTE materials have softness, flexibility, and elasticity, making them be posed in any position, so it has more possibilities in terms of function and shape, suitable for people with more needs.
  2. Strong sensory experience: The touch of TPE dolls is closer to human skin than other materials, increasing people’s sense of reality and substitution.
  3. Less space: The inflatable TPE sex doll can be deflated and folded, which takes up less space than other sex dolls.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: The price of TPE is relatively low, so it is cost-effective.


  1. Sex doll manufacturers strictly follow the standards from material selection to production process.
  2. Suppliers will conduct a functional test on the products before delivery.
  3. Check and confirm the packaging and product quantity to ensure the normal function of the product and the integrity of the packaging before delivery.


  1. The sex doll factory will use bubbles to fix the adult sex doll inside to prevent shaking and use hard cardboard packaging outside to resist squeezing during transportation.
  2. In addition, personalized packaging customization services are also provided.


  1. BlueRabbit provides customized services. Tell us your ideas and designs, and the sex doll factory or manufacturer will produce the unique sex doll you want based on your ideas and designs.
TPE sex dolls

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sex doll factory

Semi-finished sex dolls

real sex doll factory form china

Sex doll factory is producing

real sex doll factory form china

Sex doll manufacturer worker inspecting

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