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The Real Sex Dolls are designed to recreate human female and male bodies’ appearance, texture, and weight. Their primary function is to serve as sex partners. The sex doll market has been growing bigger and bigger since 2020, as well as the quantity of sex doll suppliers in China. Before you order wholesale sex dolls, you should well take care of it as below:

68-100 cm Sex Dolls

101-140 cm Sex Dolls

141-170 cm Sex Dolls

Classification of Sex Dolls
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The most common is to classify by height based on the purchase criteria of the terminal customers: for example, 100cm sex dolls140cm sex dolls165cm sex dolls, and so on.

According to raw materials, it is divided into TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls.

According to the characteristics of the sex doll, it can be divided into slim sex dolls, big breast sex dolls, anime sex dolls, muscle sex dolls, pregnant women sex dolls, etc.

The Material and Quality of High Quality Sex Dolls

Material determines quality of the sex doll, the quality determines the success or failure of wholesale sex doll business.

Sex dolls are mainly composed of raw materials and steel frame structure, and the materials used to manufacture sex dolls are mainly divided into two categories, TPE and silicone. TPE sex dolls are softer and comfortable in feeling . Both the face and the body of the silicone sex doll are closer to the body of real person.The price of these two types of sex dolls is very different. The price of silicone sex dolls is one to two times the price of TPE sex dolls. TPE sex dolls are more cost-effective, so most of the sex doll market is occupied by TPE sex dolls.

The quality of wholesale sex dolls mainly depends on the raw materials. The raw materials of high quality sex dolls are more expensive, but they have no peculiar smell, are not easy to deform and have a long service life.In addition, high-quality sex dolls have higher labor costs and better handling of makeup and details, allowing terminal customers to get a better experience.

Customization Options for High Quality Sex Dolls
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The customization of sex dolls is divided into limited customization and arbitrary customization.

Limited customization mainly provides more options for customers to choose, skin color options, hairstyle options, wig or hair transplant options, body shape options, nail color options and so on.

Arbitrary customization is to manufacture sex dolls according to the face shape and various body data provided by the customer. This requires the factory to manufacture a new mold. However, if it is not mass produced, the price of a single sex doll is very high. This demand accounts for a very small proportion of the sex doll market.

The Manufacturing Process of Sex Dolls


The first step: Mold Preparation & Production:The different face shapes and body of the sex doll are determined by the mold.

The second step: Preparation of raw materials: The ratio of raw materials is the key for manufacturers to control cost and quality.

The third step: Casting

The fourth step: Cooling and de-molding

The fourth step: Retouching and makeup.

(For detailed manufacturing process, please follow the blue rabbit blog)

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The Price of the Sex Dolls & Profit of Wholesale Sex Dolls
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1 Ex-factory Price: The ex-factory prices of the sex dolls are very low. The ex-factory price of a 160CM doll is about 250-350 dollars. Pls contact us for detailed quotation.

2 Retail Price: As can be seen from the major online sex doll stores, the online sales price of 160CM sex dolls is around 1000-2000 USD in the United States and Europe.

3 Additional Charge

Shipping Cost: Take the United States as an example. The transportation weight of a single 160 sex doll is about 40 kg, the cost of sea transportation does not exceed $100, and the cost of air transportation is about $300.

Tariff: It is generally 10%-30% of the goods, up to 50 dollars. Some shipping methods can also be tax-free.For example,send the goods to your country by sea and then deliver them to your door by express delivery.

Payment fee: It is always low, so we can ignore it.

4 Profit : The cost of shipping a 160cm sex doll to the United States is up to 400-500 USD. According to the current market price, the profit is 600-1500 USD.

The Market Trend and Marketing Methods of Adult Sex Dolls


Adult sex doll have been on the market long. It is an alternative product of inflatable doll and belongs to consumer good.

It is still in the growth and maturity period of the product at present.The Covid-19 in 2020 has hit the world economy and also hit the people’s consumption capacity of sex dolls. But on the other hand, due to the blockade, people’s lifestyles have changed, which has increased the demand for sex dolls. The final result is that the two are offset, and the sex doll market is still showing a substantial growth trend. This can also be seen from the shipment quantity and order quantity of our suppliers.

It can be expected that the world economy will still be in a growth stage with a high probability in 2021, and people’s ability to consume sex products will still increase. The change in lifestyle is irreversible, so we can judge that the market for adult sex dolls in 2021 will still be in a good growth trend. Therefore, it is a good business to wholesale sex dolls from China and then sell them.

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How Can the Wholesalers of High Quality Sex Dolls Realize their Considerable Profits through Distribution?
Wholesale real sex dolls


Deduced from the sex doll market in China, e-commerce is still the general trend, especially the growth of e-commerce is more obvious on the mobile side.

In terms of e-commerce, Amazon, website, social media and other platforms have the best explosive power. For wholesalers who have offline resources, they can use offline advantages to explore the sex dolls market, especially some platforms that promote other types of products.

These platforms have developed very mature, and wholesalers can use part of the resources of the extended platform to develop sex products business, which will make your own sex products business more smoothly.

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