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Blue Rabbit, a sex toys supplier, is a Chinese Sex doll B2B Vendor. We only do sex doll wholesale or drop-shipping for commercial purposes, no retail, thanks!

Every sex doll comes from our partner manufacturers, we supply it at factory-direct price and guarantee the quality. Help your adult business more profitable and have Low returns. Inquiry Here.

Sex Dolls Catalog

Hot-selling Sex Dolls

Tifa sex doll

Tifa sex doll

Red hair Anime doll

Red hair Anime doll

Cheap pirce TPE sex doll

Cheap pirce TPE sex doll

Realistic sex doll

Realistic sex doll

Chinese girl sex doll

Chinese girl sex doll

Slim sex doll

Slim sex doll

Small boobs Teen Sex Doll

Small boobs Teen Sex Doll

Pornstar Sex Doll

Pornstar Sex Doll

High Quality Sex Doll Produced in Factory

TPE Raw Materials

TPE raw materials

Raw material preparing

Raw material preparing

sex dolls mold

Sex dolls mold

sex dolls molding

Sex dolls molding

Semi-finished sex dolls

Semi-finished sex dolls

sex doll parts

Sex doll parts

sex doll tesing before packing

Sex doll tesing before packing

Sex dolls packing

Sex dolls packing

Sex Doll Customization Options

1, User: Female sex doll for men, Male sex doll, Gay Sex Doll, Lesbian Sex doll.

2,Height: The dolls height arrange is : 60 cm.65 cm,100 cm, 108 cm, 118 cm 125 cm, 128 cm,135 cm, 140-178 cm.

3, Breast Size and shape:  Flat chest, A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, Big boobs, Huge tits. saggy breast.

4, Body: Slim, muscle, fat, BBW, pregnant.

5, Makeup option: There are more than 400 faces to choose from.

6. Function: Moving Hip, Body heating, Moving eyes, AI voice, Standing, etc.

7, Color options: Skin color, Eyes color, Fingernail, Toenail color, Nipple and Labia color, Pubic hair shape.

Sex doll custom option

Tips for Your Better Wholesale Sex Dolls

Most of the sex dolls are made with TPE, Silicone. TPE sex dolls are much cheaper than silicone dolls, and softer touching feeling. But the TPE dolls are lower quality than silicone. The body will be deformed or melt if not correctly saved, and silicone dolls are more realistic than TPE ones, the makeup can save longer time. so now many manufacturers produce the TPE body with a silicone head, more realistic and better to touch. The big manufacturers are better quality than small factories. Small factories are cheap to supply prices, but the quality control is weak, and some recycled raw materials are used to lower the production cost.

1, The EXW price : Manufacturing cost + (Marketing cost) + Profit margin

2, Shipping cost: Except for the mini sex doll, most sex dolls’ weights are higher than 30 KG, and the air shipping way will increase too much cost to it. so, by sea is the best shipping way, which will Enhance your retail price advantage.

3, Tax: Most country customs tax 10%-30% on the shipment. DDP shipping term with the supplier will reduce your taxes.

4, Transaction cost: It is not much, still has a better way to lower it.

1, Lead time (production time): 2-3 days  below 10 pcs

2, Delivery time: By air 4-8 days. By sea:20-30 days to US, CA, MX, 30-45 days to EU, UK

The first TPE sex doll was produced as a commodity In Guangdong China in 2013. The sex doll market arrived at its peak in 2020 while all the people lockdown at home due to the covid-19. Now in 2023, the market is still growing.

Although the market is big, it becomes more and more mature. Big sellers take the most share of it, and the newer ones need more marketing ways to take the shares. We shared some new marketing ways in our blog for your reference.


Sex dolls are expensive adult toys, and the doll is a heavy TPE product, so the package should be very careful and discreet. If ship the doll is from China, the factory will use bubble fixing on both sides of the doll, to avoid Swaying in the box. and the hard outer box is used for avoiding crushing in transport. There will be some free gifts that come with the doll in the package, including the sexy lingerie, heating rod, blanket, and other accessories.


Sex Doll Dropshipping

Sex dolls are more suitable for drop-shipping than small sex toys. Because there are so many options for one doll selection. And the shipping is more cost-effective than small items. You can drop-shipping the sex doll from our China factory or our oversea warehouse (US, EU, UK) 

sex doll packing and shipping

China Factory Delivery

More options can be customized, DHL express delivery, 10 days arrival time, and Production according to the drop-shipping order, no stock limited.

Sex doll US warehouse

Oversea Warehouse Stock

Pre-options sex dolls ready to ship, fast local delivery, total cheaper cost, limited stock.

Sex Doll Real Pictures Before Shipping

From our working experience, the most unsatisfactory point from the end-user is the inconsistent description of dolls. The dolls are not as beautiful received as the advertisement. To easier our business partners’ sales, we will provide all the dolls with real pictures or videos before shipping.

Asian love doll

Asian Love Doll

Real picture before packing

Real Picture Before Packing

Full TPE doll

Full TPE Doll

sex doll Real show

Comparison Chart

BBW real doll

BBW Real Doll

sex doll in factory

Comparison Chart

half body Sex doll Torso

Sex Doll Torso

Sex doll torso real picture

Sex Doll Torso Real Picture

Why You Choose Blue Rabbit As The Sex Dolls Supplier

1, Blue Rabbit is a big and long-term player in the adult toy industry. Sex doll factories or manufacturers will give us priority prices. We supply the same price as the factory to our customers, and they will keep the agreed profit margin for us.

2, Blue Rabbit is the sex toys supply chain in china, we guarantee the quality of every order. if you find your order from us has any quality issues, we will make the replacement or refund within 72 hours!

3, No matter whether you are newer or experienced in the adult business. We will be grateful for your trust, and try our best to help your business profitable and easily.

Our Experience Help You Improve Your Sex Doll Business

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Fast start adut business

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