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Blue Rabbit Quality promise: If every vibrator sex toy order from us has any quality issue, we will confirm the recovery or refund within 72 hours.

app controlled virator

APP controlled egg vibrator


app controlled panty vibrator

app controlled panty vibrator


App control butterfly vibrator

App control butterfly vibrator


app controlled sex toy

Remote controlled public vibrator


Rechargable Finger vibraror for G-spot

Rechargeable finger vibrator for G-spot


Purple silicone finger vibrator

Purple silicone finger vibrator


Cheap pirce vibrating finger sleeve

Cheap price vibrating finger sleeve


High quality Finger virbating wand

High quality finger vibrating wand


Octopus design nipple vibrator toy

Octopus design nipple vibrator toy


Cheap nipple suction vibrator

Cheap nipple suction vibrator


Remote control wearable nipple stimulators

Remote control wearable nipple stimulators


Nipple massager

Female lactation massager


Thrusting Anal Plug Vibrator

Thrusting butt plug vibrator


Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug

Vibrating anal beads


Anal dildo vibrator with cock ring

Anal vibrator with cock ring


Anal Vibrator For Women

Anal vibrator kit


New design lipstick bullet vibrator

Classic lipstick vibrator


Lipstick hidden clit licker vibrator

Lipstick clit licker vibrator


Cosmetic Brush discreet vibratir sex toy

Cosmetic brush discreet vibrator sex toy


Cheap price Battery lipstick vibrator

Cheap price battery lipstick vibrator


Vibrating cock ring for couple sex

Vibrating cock ring for couple sex


Vibrating condom for couples

Vibrating condom for couples


couples vibrator for better sex fun

Couples vibrator for better sex fun


cock ring with licking vibrator

Cock ring with licking vibrator


  1. Raw material: Silicone is more expensive than ABS+silicone, also the level and brand of the silicone materials have different costs.
  2. Power charge way: The battery-derived vibrator will be a far lower price than the Lithium Battery one, also different capacity of the lithium battery have different costs.
  3. Come with remote control or not.
  4. The complication of the appearance design: full silicone vibrators will take more labor cost to assemble.
  5. Market stage of the female vibrator: newly designed vibrators are more expensive than old products, because of lower competition and tooling cost return.

APP-controlled vibrators are not long-term tested by the market others. Form our customers’ feedback. there will be some different after-sale cases. The end-users are not so professional than the supplier. They will get some difficulty installing the APP on different phone systems, so please do the test by yourself first, then you can teach your customers how to use it.

1, We are only focused on the sex toys industry, professional and full experience.

2, We protect your sex toys’ quality, if have any quality issue from Blue Rabbit, you will lose nothing, we will afford it.

3, Our powerful supply chain will keep your supply price competitive, and more profitable for your business, we have more future cooperations.

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Raw Material

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Finished Products

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