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Cheap price wholesale vibrators for the female sex toys market, Blue Rabbit supply chain keep your price competitive advantage and guarantees the quality of the vibrator.

We promise: Every bulk vibrator order has any quality, Blue Rabbit will confirm the recovery or refund within 72 hours! Inquiry Here!

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G Spot Vibrators

Rechargeable g spot stimulator

Classic rechargable G-spot stimulating vibrator


dildo vibrator for women

Dildo G-spot stimulator


3 in 1 Rabbit Vibrator

3 in 1 rabbit g spot vibrator


heating rabbit vibrator

Black silicone rabbit vibrator


Clit Sucking Vibrators

cheap sucking vibrator

Clitoral sucking vibrator


Red Egg shape suction vibrator

Red Egg shape suction vibrator


heatable wearable sucking vibrator

Remote controlled suction vibrator


vibrator app control

App controlled dual-stimulation panty vibrator 


Bullet Vibrators

10 speeds bullet vibrators

Cheap price bullet vibrators


Powerful bullet vibrator Clit stimulator

Powerful bullet vibrator clit stimulator


New design lipstick bullet vibrator

Powerful bullet vibrator clit stimulator


remote vibrating bullet

Remote control bullet vibrator


Panty Vibrators

App controlled thrusting dildo vibrator

Thrusting panty vibrator


magnetic vibrator panty

High quality magnetic vibration panty


lace panty vibrator wireless

lace panty vibrator wireless


invisible wearable vibrator

Lovely wearable panty vibrator


Tongue Vibrators

tongue sex toy vibrator

Female clit licking vibrator


vibrating tongue dildo

Soft touch tongue vibrator


Silicone tongue licking vibrator

Silicone tongue licking vibrator


S-hande tongue vibrator with pussy cup

S-hande tongue vibrator with pussy cup


Wand Vibrators

Red Magic wand massage tool

Red magic wand massage tool


Rose head wand vibrator

Rose head wand vibrator


heating wand vibrator

Heating wand vibrator


magic wand vibrator

Magic wand massager AV vibrator


Rose Vibrators

Omysky rose sucking vibrator

Omysky rose sucking vibrator


Rends rose vibrator

Rends rose vibrator


Hot selling sex toy

Thrusting dildo rose vibrator


Rose Tongue Vibrator

Rose tongue vibrator


Vibrating Egg

USB power supply egg vibrator

Cheap USB power supply egg vibrator


Double eggs vibrator

Double eggs vibrator


wireless egg vibrator

wireless egg vibrator


remote control kegel ball vibrator

Remote control vibrating kegel ball


Other Niche Vibrators

app control vibrator for women

App controlled vibrator


Rechargable Finger vibraror for G-spot

Finger vibrator


Remote control wearable nipple stimulators

Nipple vibrator


couples vibrator for better sex fun

Couples vibrator


Tips Help You Better Wholesale Vibrators

Blue Rabbit classify the Vibrators according to different factors:

Appearance: Rose vibrator, Bullet vibrator, Rabbit vibrator, dildo vibrator, butterfly vibrator. Squirrel Vibrator, etc.

Function: Clit vibrator, G-spot Vibrator, Anal Vibrator, Nipple Vibrator, Oral vibrator, etc.

Material: Silicone vibrator, Liquid silicone vibrator, ABS+silicone vibrator.

1, Touching: Good silicone vibrators have a good smooth, soft touch feeling, it feels like the real skin or satin.

2, Smelling: High-quality food-grade vibrators no smell. And the low quality silicone used vibrator has a pungent smell.

3, Comparing. Some sex toys reseller has many vibrators, use a good vibrator to compare the vibration power. If the max vibration model is still not strong, the motors are not good.

4, Listening: if you feel the vibrator works with big noise, the vibrator does not do the noise test before selling.

5, Using: After a full recharge, the using time does not meet the time declared in the instruction. The lithium battery is not good.

6, Overview: The details always decide the quality. Packing details and design details will show if the manufacturer is serious with their production. More details please check our blog.

Mostly female silicone vibrators consist of four parts when the vibrator factory assembles them: Silicone shell, Motors, PCB control board, Lithium Battery and other accessories.

What the factory does is assemble, test, and pack.

Good manufacturers can supply some components by themselves, and good management of the assembly line and very strict testing.

The vibrators wholesale price depends on many factors: order quantity, brand popularity, the market life (new products are higher price), and the supplier profit margin, and the vibrators’ quality.

As a reselling retailer, to be the business partner with the supplier will get more support from the supply side, not only price, and the quality guarantee.

As a female masturbation toy, vibrator should be safe, lovely, and multi-function.

  • Safe for vaginal or anus stimulation, body protection always first place.
  • Female user always like lovely designed vibrators, like rose vibrato, rabbit vibrator, diamond vibrators, etc.
  • The market now appears more and more multi-functional in one vibrators, one vibrator can be used for c spot, g-sot, anus sex pleasure.

One of the best vibrator toy will meet all of three point above.

Vibrators Mass Produced in Factory

Silicone molding

Silicone molding

Silicone shell apperance checking

Silicone shell appearance checking

Vibrators Silicone shell ready

Vibrators silicone shell ready

PCBA and Lithium Battery testing

PCBA and lithium battery testing

Vibrators Assembly

Vibrators assembly

sex toys age testing

Vibrators age testing

Vibs Waterproof testing

Vibrators waterproof testing

Finished Vibrators Products

Finished vibrators products

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