Female vibrators are the most-selling adult toys in the market, it is equal to the dildos but much bigger than male sex toys and BDSM toys. In fact, females always have bigger consumption potential than males, and same for the sex toys.

Most female vibrators are manufactured in China, there are hundreds of adult toys factories producing vibrator sex toys. and every month dozens of new vibrators are designed and enter the market.

Cheap price wholesale female vibrators From Blue rabbit, we provide you with the newest vibrators and hot-selling vibrators selection from China supply chain. help you make adult business easily and profitable.

Rabbit Vibrator

rabbit g-spot vibrator
Heatable Rabbit g-spot vibrator
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Bullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrator
Bullet Vibrator
Bullet Vibrator
Bullet Vibrator
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Rose Vibrator

Rose Sucking Vibrator
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Wand Vibrator

Classic Wand Massager
Powerful Wand Massager
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Egg Vibrator

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Clit Sucking Vibrator

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Tongue Vibrator

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Vibrating Underwear

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Classification of the Female Vibrators

We classify the Vibrators according to different factors:

Appearance: Rose vibrator, Bullet vibrator, Bunny vibrator, dildo vibrator, butterfly vibrator. Squirrel Vibrator, etc.

Function: Clit vibrator, G-spot Vibrator, Anal Vibrator, Nipple Vibrator, Oral vibrator, etc

Material: Silicone Vibrator, Liquid silicone vibrator, ABS+silicone vibrator.

The process of production shown by silicone vibrator manufacturer

Mostly female silicone Vibrators consist of three parts when the vibrator factory assembles them: Silicone shell, Motors, PCB control board, and other accessories.

What the factory does is Assemble, test, and pack.

Good manufacturers can supply some components by themself, and good management of the assemble line and very strictly testing.

Below the video is our silicon vibrators manufacturing show:

What certification do you have? can I import and resell them in our country safely? How long is the warranty?

We are sex toys exporter, our only market is the oversea market. so we have most certifications like CE, Rohs, etc. if some country we currently have it, we can do the certification as your requirement.

Our quality warranty is 365 days, if you get a problem with the quality, you can see our policy of return.

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