Top 10 Global Sexy Lingerie Brands

sexy lingerie brands

The design of sexy lingerie focuses on highlighting the wearer’s body shape, showing natural curves, and enhancing the wearer’s sexiness and charm. In an intimate environment, sexy lingerie can also create a romantic atmosphere and make the relationship between partners more intimate.

There are many sexy lingerie brands on the global market, and each brand has its unique style, some are bright and gorgeous, some are romantic and sweet, and some are delicate and elegant.

The following are the top 10 global sexy lingerie brands, evaluated by Blue Rabbit.


Skims was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in California. Although it was founded not long ago, it has developed rapidly and its products are very popular in the market. The company’s sexy underwear is comfortable, simple, and fashionable, taking the thong as an example.

The front of a regular thong is closer to a T-shape, and the waist is horizontal or has some curvature, but it is also close to horizontal.

The front vision of skims’ sexy underwear is close to a triangle, leaving only a small amount of fabric to cover the necessary parts, and the abdomen is exposed as much as possible. The advantages of this are:

1. It can show the female abdominal curve as much as possible, such as abdominal muscles or vest lines.
2. Highlight the vision and make the curvature of the waist and crotch more obvious.
3. From the front, the T-back straps are more in contact with the skin, which is more sexy.

2. Parade

Parade is a vibrant brand that focuses on environmental protection, using recycled fabrics and environmentally friendly packaging.

Its erotic lingerie is characterized by bright colors and is good at creating a sense of atmosphere and SM. Its combination of a variety of bright colors (such as red, split red, blue, rose red, etc.) creates a vibrant and passionate romantic atmosphere.

In addition, conspicuous bondage-like lines are added, adding a sense of BDSM to the ambiguous atmosphere.

hot and sexy lingerie

3. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 and is one of the largest professional lingerie retailers. Although it does not specialize in sexy lingerie, its sexy lingerie is also very popular in the market.

It has many sexy lingerie products with diversity, including sexy male lingerie, sexy lingerie bodysuit, sexy pajamas, etc. Its styles are also rich, with a preference for a bondage style or sexy style that highlights the figure.

4.For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons is a brand that focuses on women’s clothing. Its sexy lingerie style cleverly combines contemporary and retro elements, and its rich creativity gives each product a unique charm.

The brand’s sexy lingerie focuses on personal expression and highlights personal characteristics, such as:

  • The ultimate display of the sexy charm of the body;
  • flower patterns is both sexy and cute, very suitable for girls;
  • Little retro elements and multi-line binding are combined to sexy vintage lingerie, suitable for cosplaying ancient noble ladies;

5. Intimissimi

Intimissimi is an Italian fashion brand founded in 1996 with a wide range of styles. Among them, sexy lingerie, unlike Victoria’s Secret, is also suitable for different body shapes and styles, but the overall style is elegant and refined.

The brand pays great attention to details and strives for perfection in every detail so that it maintains classic beauty while being fashionable, and suitable for people who want comfort and elegance.

6. Hanky Panky

Hanky ​​Panky has many years of experience in the sexy lingerie industry, and its signature product is the lace thong. As early as 1986, it launched an innovative thong that became a must-have for many people.

The overall style of the brand is more mature and suitable for people who pursue mature charm. Compared with style, the brand pays more attention to comfort. Whether lace or other materials, they are soft and elastic and fit like human skin.

sexy naughty lingerieq

7. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994 and has many years of industry experience. Its sexy lingerie is bold, hot, and provocative, and is very suitable for people who play sex games with their partners.

The brand’s sexy lingerie is decorated with various tassels, such as:

  • With fluffy balls tassels, its fluffy texture shakes with the movement, like a feather passing through the heart, instantly arousing people’s excitement.
  • Except for the frame, the sexy lingerie clothes are all metallic tassels, which makes it hot and sexy with a little rebelliousness and luxury.
  • Some tassels are added to the sexy lingerie to make it more sexy.

In addition, its pattern is also very characteristic, the beauty of flowers, the passion of big red lips, and the wildness of animals, adding a different atmosphere to the sexy lingerie.

8. Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal was founded in 2012, with a warm and natural style.

In terms of materials, silk is mainly used to protect the skin, making it more fit and silky, while lace is mainly made of high-quality materials to ensure its softness and durability.

In terms of patterns, roses, and strawberries are mostly used to increase feminine charm while giving a sense of nature.

Its design is also very bold, and many styles of sexy underwear have a lot of transparent parts, leaving only a very small amount of impermeable fabric that can just cover the key parts, which is very suitable for bold and strong environments.

9. Lounge Underwear

Lounge Underwear is committed to being sexy while being relaxed and comfortable. As its name suggests, it is suited to be worn daily to relax the body.

The same is true for the brand’s sexy underwear. The comfortable woman’s sexy lingerie uses seamless weaving technology to reduce the visible lines of sexy underwear to achieve the maximum fit area and reduce the friction of the seamed part of the body.

In addition, it also has various styles, such as sexy lingerie pink, sexy lingerie outfit, sexy naked women lingerie, sexy BDSM lingerie, sexy seethrough lingerie, maternity sexy lingerie, etc.

10. Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty was also established recently but has entered the sexy lingerie market rapidly, emphasizing that products cater to all body types and genders and promote customer confidence.

The brand’s sexy lingerie, many of which are based on sexy lace, with natural patterns, makes the wearer close to nature, as if they are in the beauty of nature, with their bodies looming in the natural flowers and plants, adding a sense of mystery based on sexiness.


The above are the top ten sexy lingerie brands worldwide selected by BlueRabbit. Each of them is hot in the market and constantly launches new products to catch customers’ attention.

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