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As a seller or consumer of sex dolls, how much do you know about the sex doll factory?do you know when the first sex doll is produced? Do you know the whole manufacturing process of the sex doll? Today will take you closer to the sex doll factory in China.

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China is a major producer of sex dolls. Although the current domestic market is relatively small, there are nearly 2 million foreign orders each year. Due to the advantages of labor cost and price, the sex dolls made in China quickly occupied 80%~90% of the global market. By the end of 2020, the data is up to 95%.and most of the sex doll factories concentrate in Guangdong province of China.


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2. The first TPE sex doll

The history of sex dolls also is the history of the sex doll factory. how is the first sex doll factory built? The forerunner of the sex doll factory has three types.1. A factory that manufactures fake clothes models. They know the molding process of humanoid models. 2. Raw material manufacturers, know the characteristics of raw materials best. 3. Suppliers of other adult products, are most sensitive to information in the adult products industry.

The first sex doll is made by the clothes models factory in 2013. at the early age, the clothes model market is too rich and hotly competing. they must develop other products to keep the company’s survival. Then,they developed the first doll. Now this factory is a big sex doll brand. Its name is “WM” doll. when the sex doll market grows fast, many other factories enter the market. the Ex-factory prices are gradually reduced.


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3. The process of manufacturing the batch sex doll

  • The first stage: Drawing the design of a sex doll
    To manufacture realistic solid sex dolls, the factory hires some European and American models as model references. After collecting the model’s body proportion data and the size data of each physiological part, the designer will use the computer to draw a rough drawing of the doll’s body structure, and finally, process the details of the drawing with his team. Then, the design team will create the corresponding body skeleton based on the drawings. For customized sex dolls, at this stage, customers need to participate in the discussion throughout the entire process to ensure that they can get their own satisfactory sex dolls in the end. At this stage, any parameters of the doll can be changed.


  • The Second Stage: The production of sex doll molds
    Before making the mold, it is necessary to determine whether the raw material is TPE or silicone. Which material to use depends on the factory’s cost control, market judgment, and customers’ requirements for solid sex dolls. After the material is selected, the master who makes the mold will first make a preliminary mold according to the drawings, so that the final mold can be manufactured under certain conditions. If the customer wants to customize a sex doll that is 100% identical to the original body, the factory can also manufacture molds directly through real people.


real sex doll factory form china
  • The third stage: Injection of sex dolls
    The staff puts the mold into the tank, then adds different pigments to the raw materials according to the skin color of different models, and pours the evenly stirred raw materials into the tank for shaping. After some time, a semi-finished solid sex doll was made.
  • The fourth stage: Post-processing of the sex dolls
    After the injection, the details of the solid sex doll are optimized, including makeup, hair transplant, skin texture and blood vessel production, etc. Finally, the superb technology makes the makeup of the solid sex doll stable and not faded.


real sex doll factory form china


To make their own sex dolls more competitive, each sex doll manufacturer will develop various functions so that their dolls can bring users a better experience. The quality of the dolls is more stable, the functions are more diversified, and the styles are closer to Real people, but Chinese factories do not have strong technical research and development capabilities only for manufacturing. They have less exploration of intelligent companion dolls. After all, the low profit of producing dolls does not support them to do so.

After years of market competition, the current doll manufacturing process is becoming mature, the cost is relatively transparent, and the market price is relatively stable. It is just that each manufacturer will extend their market competitiveness. Sex doll dealers who choose Chinese factories as suppliers should pay more attention to the products. Fit with your own needs is most important.

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real sex doll factory form china

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