Small Category, Big Market– Sex Dice And Sex Card Game(Market Research)

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As a sex toy business newer, we don’t know enough about the market. We often start from some big categories such as Vibrators and male masturbators. The market for these categories is often very mature and the competition is very fierce. The advantages of big sellers are very obvious. New sellers will take a long time to accumulate in the market to do a good job.
As a sex toy business old seller, the business is stable, and it is difficult to break through the bottleneck of their own sales, and urgently need to find new sales growth points.

Today’s blog will mainly provide a new idea for these two situations
To judge whether a product is good or not, the first one depends on its quantity of orders, and the other depends on the positive feedback after the sale.
Today I will introduce you to a small category, it belongs to the edge catalog of sex toys, that is sex dice and sex card game.
First of all, let’s look at the characteristics of the sex dice and sex card game. It is an interactive couples sex toy. It just adds more fun. There is no doubt that this product has market demand. After all, most couples need to bring more sex pleasure and improve their close relations.
 Picture shows:


The sex dice


Wholesale sex dice

Sex Card Game:

Bedroom sex game cards

So, what characteristics can we sort out?


  1.  the product is simple, easy to use, and most people can play.
  2. low cost, most people can afford the price of the sex dice or cards
  3. manufacturing process is simple, easy to control quality, and difficult to get after-sale problems.


Market analysis: the first two points to make the product have a good market base, if they can make better marketing methods, the product can quickly make a big market. The third point ensures that after the product is sold, we don’t spend time dealing with after-sales issues, which will improve sales efficiency and profit margins.


This is the derivation of the sex dice market potential, so let’s take a look at its actual market performance:


We are going to see the sales data from some typical online shops.


Amazon (the world’s largest retail online shop in the US):

Wholesale sex game cards

The small circle in the figure shows the number of reviews and rating stars. The actual sales volume is far more than the number of reviews. Everyone who managed an online shop knows that only one of the four buyers will leave a comment. Most buyer is very lazy. Its selling price is 24.5USD, and the real supply price is about 4USD, the profit is very considerable

Look at another one:

Wholesale sex game cards

The number of comments is 15,962, and we estimate that its sales volume is around 70,000. The key is that its sales volume is so high, and it can maintain nearly 5- star positive reviews, indicating that most users are very satisfied with the product. Isn’t this a good product we are looking for?


Aliexpress (globe online shop from China)

Wholesale sex dice

the sales data of this sex dice, 2878 orders, 4.8 points of evaluation points, the price of 3.22 plus shipping costs about 8 US dollars. the price on Amazon is 9.9USD. the real supply price is about 1.3USD.


Look at another one:


sex game cards

It should be a new product link, sales are not many, but the evaluation score is high, as long as the product feedback is good and the market demand is strictly verified, then the sales volume will increase positively over time.


What about LoveHoney? A very successful online sex toy shop in the European and American markets. Let’s watch.

sex dice

It seems that Lovehoney has not listed the sex dice not a long time. not sold too much. and this dice is specifically customized for the brand. The customization process of this type of product is also relatively simple, and powerful sellers can customize their own products. The rating score is 5 points, indicating that no buyer is very satisfied.


Then, Etsy, get a glance.

sex game

We enter the keyword sex position card. All the results are displayed as shown above

It can be seen that the rating scores are basically very high, as long as the end users are satisfied, the sales will rise quickly.

These are all online data. We cannot obtain offline data, but I believe that products with good online data will not be bad offline.

The market proves our point of view. This small category has great market potential, but it is not very competitive now. Because a big brand like LOVEHONEY has only been launched soon, it can be seen that its market attention is not high. This is the opportunity for new sellers to get started with some low competitive sex products, and also a good opportunity for big sellers to expand their product lines.


In addition, whether the product market is good or not, as the supply side, we can feel it better, because these products are often out of stock and factory orders are full. These are the precursors of the product becoming popular.



Sex toy Business opportunities are always generated in places that others overlook. Acting ahead of your competitors always allows you to take the initiative in the market. If you want to get the quotation and information on sex dice and sex card games first, you can contact us. Blue Rabbit (wholesale sex toys manufacturer) service philosophy is to let each of our customers do good business, and let its business grow continuously.


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