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Preferred sex lube

Sex lube water-based

Easy to clean off and compatible with all condom types and sex toys
Water Based Lubricant

Water based Lubricant wholesale

Long-lasting and waterproof is the lube for shower sex


lubricante para sexo anal

Sex lubricant wholesale

Easy cleanup and long-lasting lubrication


body lubricant water solubility

Body lubricant water solubility

Compatible with condoms and all types of adult sex toys


Injectable body lubricant

Injectable body lubricant

Small doses suitable for vaginal or anal use


Push-in body lubrication 3ml

Push-in body lubrication 3ml

Safe for all body parts and integrates seamlessly with most sex toys


lubes for anal sex

lubes for anal sex

Reduces friction and enhances pleasure during anal sex with long-lasting moisturizing properties


lube for anal sex

Best lube for anal sex

Adult toy suppliers best sell for anal


Ice and Fire Lubricating Gel

Ice and Fire Lubricating Gel wholesale

Use the ice style and warm style together to experience the alternating feeling of coolness and warmth


Aloe vera leave-in body lubricant

Aloe vera leave-in body lubricant

Its moisturizing properties help keep skin hydrated for long hours of sex play


Best Lube for Sex Doll Anal

Best lube for sex doll anal

Suitable for use with all types of sex dolls with gentle, non-irritating, and safe


Lube for Gay

Lube for gay

Suitable for all types of sex toys


best lube for gay sex

Lube for gay sex

Adult toy wholesalers recommend: long-lasting, easy to clean, and compatible with condoms.


best lube for silicone sex toys

lubricant for anal sex

Enhances oral pleasure while protecting your mouth with safe, digestible ingredients


Oral Sex Lube Strawberries Flavored

Oral Sex Lube wholesale

The comfortable lubrication and strawberry flavor are perfect for oral games

Watermelon Flacored Sex Lubricant

Used with all types of condoms and sex toys
Water Peach Flavored Lubricants

Water Peach Flavored Lubricant

Water peach-flavored lubricant lets you enjoy the richness of peaches
Cherry Burst Flavored Lubricant

Cherry Burst Flavored Lubricant

Water-based formula ensures a silky-smooth feel and a comfortable glide
caviar sex lube

Caviar sex lube

Adult toy suppliers recommend: this unique texture allows you to indulge in the luxury of caviar.


oral sex lube

Natural lubricant for sex

Adult toy wholesaler’s choose:flavors of various fruits with a festive jam-like consistency.


Love fruity jam sex lube

Love fruity jam sex lube

Blueberry-flavored lubricant will bring you a refreshing and sweet experience


lube for oral sex

Lube for oral sex

Lemon-flavored lubricant will bring you a refreshing and sour experience


oil based sex lube

Oil based sex lube wholesale

Long-lasting silky smoothness, suitable for intimate moments that require a long-lasting touch.


oil based lube for gay se

Oil based lube for gay sex

Provides a thick cushioning layer to effectively reduce friction, the rich texture is especially suitable for gays


Oil based lube for sex toys

Sex toy factory customizable oil-based lube

Provides a thick, luxurious feel and protects and maintains the integrity of the non-latex material for a seamless glide


oil based lube for shower sex

Oil based lube for dryness

Adult toy suppliers sell well: this oil-based lubricant provides a waterproof solution , making it a top choice for shower sex


Hydro silicon mixed anal lubrican

Hydro silicon mixed anal lubricant wholesale

Features a convenient, portable syringe for precise application, ease of use, and cleanliness


Water oil mixed fruity lubrican

Sex toy factory customizable water oil mixed lube

It has long-lasting effects while its delightful aroma and flavor enhance oral interaction and sensory play.


Water and oil mixed anal sex lube

Water and oil mixed anal sex lube

Lubricant designed specifically for anal sex for easy cleanup and long-lasting slickness


Water oil mixed lubricant portable injection type

Water oil mixed lubricant portable injection type

Adult toy suppliers recommend: convenient, portable syringe for precise application, ease of use, and cleanliness


Hyaluronic acid lubricant

Hyaluronic acid lubricant

Provides deep hydration, suitable for those with dry or sensitive skin


Water and oil mixed lube for shower sex

Water and oil mixed lube for shower sex

Combines the lasting power of oil with the gentle qualities of water-based


silicone lubricant for pool sex

Silicone lubricant for pool sex

This silicone lubricant provides a waterproof barrier to withstand the challenges of pool sex play.


Ice-feeling silicone lubricant

Ice-feeling silicone lubricant

Cool, icy lubricant stimulates the senses and enhances sexual arousal and pleasure


silicone lube for gay anal sex

Silicone lube for gay anal sex

This lubricant formula is safe for the skin and provides excellent, long-lasting slip


Silicone based lube for anal sex

Silicone based lube for anal sex

Has a smooth texture, lasts longer than water-based lube, and is suitable for anal sex


lube sex gel

Lube sex gel wholesale

Balanced pH, mild formula, and easy to carry


Application of Sex Lubricants


Application of sexual lubricants
Sexual lubricants are designed to reduce friction and irritation, help relieve vaginal or anal dryness. Usually used between couples, partners, sex toys, and sex dolls. Also, it is used with condoms.
Applications of different lubricant types
Water-based lubricant: Great for vaginal and anal sex, safe with all types of condoms and toys.
Oil-based lubricant: has a creamy texture and is suitable for male masturbation and massage and is not suitable for use with latex condoms.
Hybrid lubricant: combines easy cleanability with long-lasting properties for use with most toys and condoms
Flavored lubricants: come in a variety of flavors, such as various fruits or foods, to enhance the oral sex experience.
Silicone-Based Lubricant: Ideal for use in water play, such as in the shower or pool, as it is waterproof and won’t be absorbed by the skin or dry out.

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