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Sexual Wellness products plays a important role in couples intimate activties as sex toys. It always takes big share in adult toys market. Blue Rabbit is a Wholesale Sexual Wellness supplier from China.

Blue Rabbit offers Sex Toys, BDSM Toys, Sexual Wellness Toys, and Sexy Lingerie and adult toys supply chain keep our sexual wellness supplies safety firstly, then a cheap wholesale price, to make your adult business profitable. Contact us.

Sexual Wellness Catalog

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Ribbed comdoms

Ribbed Condom

ultrathin condoms

Ultrathin Condom

Lubricated condom

Lubricated Condom

Dotted comdom

Dotted Condom


Water-based Lubes

Water-based Lubes

Flavored Lubes

Flavored Lubes

Anal Lubes

Anal Lubes

Oral sex spray

Oral Sex Spray

Female Sexual Health

Pussy Pump

Pussy Pump

Female orgasm enhancing

Female Orgasm Enhancing Gel

Male Sexual Health

Prostate Massager

Penis Pump

Vibrating Penis Extender

Automatic Penis Trainner

Intimate Care For Couples

Sex Furniture

Sexual Game Toys

Cock Ring

Sex Toy Disinfectants

More Information of Sexual Wellness Commodities

The most selling of the sexual wellness products are condoms, but this niche market are Monopolized by some big brand, like Durex, Gershbond, etc. only some small share is enjoyed by small sellers.

For the lubes, this situation is better. there is no brands can monopolize the market. there is market space for sellers to explore.

Sexual Wellness products are different from some normal sex toys. this niche market has Higher thresholds, in the supply side, the manufactuers are very big and powerful, and they will require higher MOQ (for example, lubes need MOQ 5000 pcs). and they prefer OEM/ODM orders. to the sellers, they need more budget or investment.

1, you need more budget.

2, you should have a perfect brand plan( design, marketing plan).

3, customized your products.

4. Marketing.

Sexual health products serve to enhance sexual performance and assist sexual activity, and sex toys serve to enhance sexual stimulation to get more pleasure.

Some Sexual wellness products belong to the medical category, like male delay spray. which has very strict accreditation. the small factory can’t meet the requirements of the government policy. only some powerful manufacturers can get the products approved. so the supplier is not much. and they will require a higher MOQ, not friendly for new sellers or smaller sellers.

The lubes and condoms, belong to liquid or contain liquid, the shipping way also needs special ways. the shipping cost is higher.

Meantime, the market competition is less than other sex toys.

Blue Rabbit offer a competitve wholesale price for our global clients. to keep them more profits or resell price flexible.

But bulk buy price always match the order quantity in China. the price can be divided four different gradients: 3-10 pcs, 10-50 pcs, 50pcs-200pcs.200 pcs above.

different quantity arrange has different price, normally, 3%-5% discount for the different quantity arrange.

Sexull wellness is bigger market than other sex toys in theory. it is not only sexual related, but also body heathy related.

Many related business can expand the products to include it. for example, Beauty & Makeup, Female body care, etc. increase this catalog help your online store more options for customers, also will increase your business scale and profit.

And Blue Rabbit will help you work out all the things at supply side, you just focus on the marketing.

1, Ask our sales reps for the specific catalog, If you want to check out the Lubs catalog, then she/he will send the Lubs catalog and price to you.

2, Mark your interested items or send a selection list to the sales reps. we will make a final quotation for you.(discount, shipping cost, free samples,etc)

3, make the payment according to your preferred way.

4, we will keep you updated with your order until delivery.

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Lubes in the Production

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Kegel Balls Samples

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Why you Wholesale Sexual Wellness from Blue Rabbit

1, Lower MOQ, Sexual wellness product manufacturers are not so many, and they are big and powerful, and require High MOQ. if you import via the Blue Rabbit supply chain, you can get lower MOQ at the same supply price.

2, Quality protected: The lube and condoms, need higher quality and safety level to access the market, Blue Rabbit supply chain will help you get the qualified sexual health selection.

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