Top 10 Best Selling Sex Whips

sex whips
Sex whips are designed to enhance sensory stimulation, creating a balance between pleasure and pain that makes many people feel aroused. Whether used for light titillation or more intense sensations, sex whips cater to a wide variety of preferences and fantasies, making them a popular choice among BDSM enthusiasts.
As more and more people explore the boundaries of their sexual desires, the popularity of sex whips continues to rise. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular sex whips.

1. Black Leather Anus Whip

leather crop whip
leather crop anal plug whip
Designed for those looking to explore power dynamics and sensations, this sex whip is a versatile tool that enhances intimacy and connection between partners. 
Premium Leather Construction
 This sex whip is crafted from high-quality leather, ensuring durability and longevity. The leather is not only strong but also flexible, providing the perfect balance between firmness and comfort. 
Comfortable Grip
The handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, allowing for precise control and easy maneuvering. The ergonomic design reduces strain during extended sessions, ensuring both comfort and efficiency.
Functional Features
The sex whip ends with a pointed leather tip, designed to deliver sharp, precise sensations. The opposite end features a metallic butt plug attachment, adding an element of surprise and versatility to your play.
Partial Product Parameters
Triangle: length – 7.5cm, width –  8cm
Anal plug: length – 8cm, diameter – 3.5cm
Price: 4.82/pc

2. Feather Sex Whip

feather whip head
feather whip
This elegant sex whip offering a unique way to explore soft bondage and sensory stimulation, is perfect for those who appreciate subtlety in their sensory play.
Exquisite Materials 
The Feather Sex Whip features a plush, red feather that is both visually striking and tantalizingly soft. This high-quality feather is carefully selected to provide a light, ticklish sensation that can evoke intense pleasure without the intensity of traditional whips. 
Sophisticated Design 
The slender black shaft that connects the handle to the feather adds a sleek, modern touch, while the flame cut-out in the handle is both eye-catching and symbolic of the passion this tool can ignite. 
Versatility in Use
Beyond its primary role in sensory stimulation, the Feather Whip can be a fantastic addition to role-playing scenarios and light BDSM games.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length approximately: 38cm
Price: 1.3/pc

3. BDSM Whip Suit

bdsm whip
Functions of the BDSM Whip Suit Components
Leather Sex Whip: Engineered for flexibility and strength, the leather whip delivers tailored impacts from gentle flicks to sharp strikes, offering control over intensity for varied sensory stimulation.
Restraint Straps: Adjustable with heavy-duty buckles, these straps secure comfortably around wrists or ankles, providing robust restraint suited for a variety of bondage positions.
Padded Blindfold: Enhances sensory deprivation, amplifying other senses and heightening anticipation. The padding ensures comfort during prolonged use.
Connecting Chains: Adds versatility to restraint configurations, allowing for creative bondage scenarios by linking straps to each other or to external fixtures.
Overall Functionality: This set supports a range of dynamic interactions from sensual play to controlled bondage, providing a comprehensive toolkit for BDSM enthusiasts.
Partial Product Parameters
Price :25.5 /pc

4. Nine Tail Whip

nine tail whip
Nine-Tails Design
Distributed Impact: Unlike a single-tail whip, the nine tails spread the force of each strike over a larger surface area. This design allows for a more spread-out sensation, which can reduce the intensity of pain per strike, making it suitable for extended play sessions.
Enhanced Sensory Experience: The multiple tails create a complex pattern of sensations. As the tails strike, they produce not only a primary impact but also secondary motions that stimulate surrounding areas, enhancing the sensory experience.
Versatility in Play: Each tail can independently create a different effect based on its trajectory and the angle of impact. This allows the floggers to play with various techniques and patterns, adding complexity and depth to the session.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length :60 cm
Price :8.8 /pc

5. Round Head Riding Crop Whip

Round Head Riding Crop Whip
Round Head Design
The sex whip’s distinctive round head is ideal for targeted impact. Unlike traditional whips with a flat or tapered end, the round head distributes the force more evenly upon contact. 
Sensory Play
Due to its design, the roundhead riding crop whip is excellent for precise sensory play. It can be used to gently tap or caress different areas, creating a range of gentle and slightly ticklish sensations with a gentle touch.
Versatility in Use
This sex whip is not just limited to striking; it can also be used for sensation play. Along the skin can stimulate nerve endings and heighten sensitivity, adding a layer of anticipation and excitement to the experience.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length :96 cm
Price :2.9 /pc

6. Electric Shock Sex Whip

Electric Shock Whip show
Electric Shock Whip
The electric shock sex whip is a versatile BDSM tool that combines the impact of a traditional whip with advanced shock delivery technology. 
This sex whip’s core functionality revolves around its ability to deliver varying intensities of electrical stimulation via conductive elements embedded within the whip, allowing users to experience a range of sensations from a mild sting to a powerful electric shock.
In addition, the flexible structure of the whip can control the intensity of electrical stimulation to adapt to different preferences and scenarios.
The ergonomic grip design ensures the whip can be held securely even during vigorous use, preventing slippage and improving accuracy.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length: 51cm
Price :9.7/pc

7. SM Leather Sex Whip

Functional advantages
The lightweight design of this sex whip makes it easy to handle, ensuring precise control and effectively delivering the desired feel, allowing the user to accurately control the power and landing of each strike.
Transport and portability
Its compact size and flexibility make the SM leather sex Whip easy to store and carry without damage. Its durable materials maintain quality and performance whether you’re traveling or storing it at home.
The tassel is designed for a flicky feel. This feature makes the whip suitable for users of any experience level, whether a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this is a tool that can grow with them on their BDSM journey.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length: approx. 49cm
Price :4/pc

8. Snake Sex Whip

Targeted Precision Strike
Designed for precision strikes, the Snake Whip is the ideal tool for those who want precise control over the intensity and placement of strikes. The whip’s unique slim design allows for focused, sharp snaps that target specific body areas for an enhanced sensory experience.
Enhanced sensory stimulation
The red and black parts of the snake sex whip not only add to its beauty, but its intimidating appearance can also stimulate the visual senses of the participants. 
Partial Product Parameters
Total length: 75cm
Price :7.15/pc

9. Racket Riding Whip

Racket Riding Whip2
racket riding whip
Racket Riding Whip show
Versatile stimulation options
Unlike traditional whips, the wide, flat surface of the racket whip provides a more dispersed hitting surface. The edge of the racquet head can be used to create a sharper, more focused impact force.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length: 53cm
Price :1.8/pc

10. Extra Long Riding Crop Whip

extra long riding crop Whip
Extended reach and flexibility
The purpose of the extra-long riding crop is to enhance BDSM play through its considerable length and flexibility, extending the physical distance range of play.
precision strike
It has a thin, flexible end in the shape of a small tip that can be used to deliver targeted, controlled impact. This feature provides a nuanced experience, suitable for both gentle teasing sensory play and more focused and intense percussive play.
Partial Product Parameters
Total length: 72cm
Price: 2.7/pc


Our range of BDSM accessories is carefully crafted to meet the needs of both new and experienced enthusiasts. Each product is designed with specific features to enhance sensory play, provide precision and control, and ensure durability and comfort.
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