12 Tips Help You Bulid and Improve Sex Toys Website Online Store

Sex toys website building and SEO

I’m Arno Ding, the designer of Blue Rabbit’s sex toys website, and after 3 years of building websites, I’m going to share some of my working experience and thought, and hopefully give some help to some of my clients who are setting up an online store for their adult products website.

1, Choice of “country code top-level domain” for your website

If you are from a country other than the United States, choose country code top-level domain, for example: if you are from France, use “.FR”, if you are from Brazil, use “BR”, if you are from Australia, use “.AU”

The reason for doing this is that if a visitor from Brazil searches for Sex toys on googles, then your web store will rank better if other things being equal. Google will assume this visitor prefer local shop other than a store from other side of the earth. Then your site will reduce most of the competitive pressure on rankings, it’s a smart choice if your target market is domestic market.

If you are a US-based seller or you are targeting the global market, then you should prioritize international domain names like “com” and “net”. Because “com”, “net” and “org” are the most trusted international domain names.

Sex toys has a very huge search volume and traffic, the competition is also very fierce, it is recommended that small sellers or new sellers to choose their own country code top level domain name, so as to avoid competing with the global big sites.


Sex toys website SEO overview on Semrush

Website with country code TLD far better performance in local country

2, Selecting sex toys inches


Sex toy is a product that most people are interested in, it has a large amount of traffic and searches, and catalogs also have a large amount of searches, for example, “Dildo” in the current monthly searches in US are 201,000, if you refine it a little more, “realistic dildo” monthly searches are 14,800. Further, “most realistic dildo” is 2900. Huge search volume means huge market, also means bigger competition!

If your site focuses on just one of these inche, then all other things being equal, your search ranking will be better than a multi-category site. This is due to the fact that google considers your site to be more specialized for this inche market.

Of course there are advantages of multi-catalog sites, such as multi-catalog sites with more keywords, a larger market capacity, and a higher sales ceiling for the site.

For example, “Lovehoney” is a successful multi-directory site.


sex toys keywords

Sex Toys keywords has huge search volume

3, Website Styling

Adult sex toys compared to other products have their own characteristics of commodity consumption, it belongs to the impulsive consumer goods, so the design of the site should be able to arouse the consumer’s desire to consume and impulse. Of course, a seductive website is not a pornographic website, on the contrary, some pornographic material will cause consumer disgust, especially female visitors.

If your design skills and the material you have don’t measure up to that, then please at least make it simple, neat, and easy to access.

Lelo Webstie styling

Lelo Women sex toys shop has good styling

4, Visiting Experience is first

Not only the adult products website, all the websites are pursuing a good sense of visiting experience.

However, some website builders who understand SEO well, but have a misunderstanding that Google ranking is the highest goal of building a website, and the layout design and content creation of the website tends to please Google or be more in line with Google’s rules.

But the goal of all of Google’s rules is to give Google users the opportunity to find answers that they are happy with, or in the case of a store, to buy products that they are happy with. So if your website can help Google reach this goal by making the visitor experience ever better, Google will naturally give your website more exposure and traffic.

Then user experience comes first, followed by more SEO methods and techniques.

So how do you improve the user experience of your website? See points 5,6.


website speed is keypoint of visiting experience

Website speed is keypoint of visiting experience

5, Handling of website text

Since the Internet is now overloaded with information and readers are more inclined to access information quickly, the short videos and live streaming are becoming more and more popular.

The text part of the website should not be too much, because the patience of the readers is not enough, and of course the text part should not be too little, or the Google can’t get enough information to understand the content of the page .Text description part as concise as possible, the focus of the content is easy to understand.

Typography set up a good font size and spacing, do not densely packed a page, so that the readers have a good taster firstly.

 Usually my practice is to make the text into a navigation bar, the visitor can choose the content he is interested in reading, so that the page is rich in content, the page is also more concise. Or the text will be hidden in the “more” behind, click on it to show more detailed text information.

Lovehoney’s way of dealing with the text part of all the last part of the page, so that the page is more concise, google also better crawl page content.

Handing of website text

6, Picture and video processing


Images are the most important element of a sex toy website because it allows customers to understand your product or content faster. And visitors prefer images to text, of course video is a better material than images, but since adult products are restricted content, the YouTube videos on the website have to jump to the YouTube website to play them, which is not good for the traffic of the website.

If the conditions allow, the pictures are taken and processed by yourself as much as possible, so that the product looks more real. Also Google prefers original images. Of course, if you are not allowed to do so, you can ask your sex toys supplier to provide you with images, at least you do not have the risk of image infringement.

The image material is processed to keep the size under 200K so that it loads faster, but the quality of the image should not be damaged, it needs to look clear and clean.

Images work best when they are: original, clear, clean and provocative.


Wonderful pictuers is importand for sexy lingerie site

7, Website Link Building

The initial goal of back links construction is to get traffic from other websites, but in Google’s algorithm, the back links can also be seen as a vote of confidence from other websites to the linked website, and when this vote is more, it proves that the website is more trustworthy. So Google has set an AS (Authority Score) for each website, the higher the AS value, the higher the weight of the website and the better the natural search result ranking. However, due to the increasing number of cheaters, Google has gradually downgraded the role of back links to websites, and encouraged the creation of quality content.

Through our actual testing, we found that external links are still more important.

How to build a website’s links? My suggestion is to look for websites in related industries and related products for outbound link building. One of the criteria we set is: if a visitor enters your website through an outbound link, will he be interested in your products? Will he buy your products? If yes, then the relevance is very good, if not, then the relevance is not great.

Tips: Don’t buy a lot of links in a short time, it will be easily found out by Google and be punished.

Backlinks can work for your site based on you have great content.

AS is somehow your website can be trusted

AS is somehow your website can be trusted

8, Setting up buyer review and return policy

Sex toys web store is an online retail platform, we need to encourage visitors to pay for goods, so how to increase the trust value of potential customers is very important.

  • Buyer reviews. Let other customers who have purchased the product tell how it is, with the help of other customers’ personal experience of the description, can make customers feel more real.

   The initial stage of the site, the purchase of customers is not much, evaluation will be less, you can find some friends to help do some evaluation, and encourage other customers to write evaluation. When your sales volume is higher, the need to manage the evaluation, do not delete some bad evaluations, so that all of them are true to show, although the bad feedback is not good for this product, but it will make the customer feel that the whole site store is more real, in addition, low ratings will help us find the problem and make the adjustment of product lines.

only the store’s service and product quality really improve, your brand can be recognized by the market and potential customers.

  • Refund Policy

The website store must contain this section to allow potential customers to reduce the risk of buying an inferior product, which they will then be less hesitant to pay.

The reviews system on Lovehoney

9, How to run your sex toy blog

The purpose of the website’s blog is to allow customers to more in-depth and broader understanding of sex toy, because the product pa ge is only a simple description of some parameters.

the Adult blog has no content limitations, it can be sex toy usage, sex toy testing, sex toys reviews,sex education. sex toys industry. Sex toys story etc.

According to Google’s categorization of keywords, most of the keywords for blog posts are “information words”, while the keywords for product pages are mostly “Commercial words” or “Transacted words”.

The Blog mostly focus on the “Information words”, due to the introduction of more detailed and lower competition. it is less difficult to get good rankings, then bring more traffic. in addition, internal links in the blog to link to other product pages, you can help the product page to get a better weight, and thus better rankings.

Of course, the main purpose of blog content writing is to help potential customers to get more helpful information, not simply for Google better rankings and traffic, this goal order should not be reversed.

Google divides keywords into three types

Google divides keywords into three categories

10, Updating and optimizing the content of the website


After the website has been built and running for a while, the content of the website needs to be constantly updated because Google prefers an active website to a zombie website, the information on the Internet is updated and changes too quickly, and Google encourages websites to provide the most up-to-date information to visitors or searchers.

Updates are intermittent preferably within a month, or a week. the update can be a blog, a new product, or refining the product page with more detailed information.


Update the latest sex toy on your site

11, Website payback cycle

Many newers of the adult business have high expectations, when the site does not live up to their expectations, their confidence receives a blow and they begin to lose interest and give up.

The SEO work of the website effect payback cycle is very long, if you can do it professionally, half a year can see the effect, if not professional, then at least a year or more to see the obvious effect.

In addition to SEO, of course, website Google ads can be a quick way to get traffic.

During the initial period of lack of traffic to your website, it is recommended to supplement the traffic with Google Ads or other sales platforms to get through the period of lack of traffic to your website. When the natural traffic has reached expectations, you can eliminate paid traffic, reduce costs and increase profit levels.

The payback cycle of website SEO: The investment is greater than the return in the early stage, and the return is greater than the investment in the later stage.

The keywords growth chart of Blue Rabbit website

The keywords growth chart of Blue Rabbit website

12, How to promote your sex toys brand on your site?

A website is a vehicle for your brand, a platform where you are free to showcase your brand values and content.

  • Website content that frequently mentions your brand’s keywords
  • Add the brand’s keywords to the SEO title of the page so it will show up in Google search results, get more exposure
  • Images in the website with your own logo as appropriate
  • Enhance your product and service experience, and only when these match your pitch will customers truly recognize the brand.

Logo pictures on Sex doll site

Final words

Sex toys has so huge traffic than other merchandises. Because it has the word “sex”, meanwhile it has big pressure of competition, your competitors not only other sex toys online store, but also so many big porn sites. How to win the competition?

You just focus on the visitors experience with SEO skill and insist it by time. If you can do it more than three years, you almost beat up 80% competitors. The return is a big sex toys market.

(if you are a sex toys website owner, we can learn together,grow together, welcome to contact)

Adult sex toys website online store examples for reference:







BR: https://sextoy.com.br/

CL: https://sweetshopchile.cl/

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