The overview of Sex Toy Supplier in China

sex toy supply chain


Before 2020, there were about 8,000 sex toys supplier in China. In 2020, there were 29,600 new registrations in a year. In 2021, it will continue to maintain rapid growth. Although most of these are retailers, the number of registrations of manufacturers and wholesalers has also maintained high growth, the main reason is the epidemic situation and the acceleration of domestic market development.

sex toy supplier quantity


The same goes for the overseas markets we have learned. In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, adult products, and home furnishing products grew rapidly against the trend, which will drive the rapid growth of retail in overseas markets, and a large number of new sex product sellers emerged.

The output of Chinese sex products occupies about 70% of the global market share. The first problem facing new sellers is understanding China’s adult products supply chain and how to choose your sex toys supplier.


The sex toy supply chain:

sex toy supply chain

Manufacturers focus on product quality and delivery time

Wholesalers focus on overseas market promotion, manufacturer screening

Retailers focus on local market promotion, end-customer service experience

The key spots of the sex toy supply chain

Sex toy manufacturer:

1. Core demand: stable orders, large quantities of orders.
2. Cost: 
  • The cost of raw materials. This cost price depends on the manufacturer’s order scale and payment reputation, and even the delivery date of raw materials depends on the manufacturer’s historical order record.
  • Labor and rental costs: It depends on the consumption level of the city where the factory is located. Housing prices are a key factor. For example, the cost of factories in Shenzhen is higher than that on the mainland.

Features: People who focus on products are not good at marketing; if sex toy manufacturers push their own brands and strengthen their promotion in overseas markets, the unit prices of their products are generally higher, and the price competitiveness is average.



Sex toy Distributor (wholesaler): 

The original supply chain sequence is that the sex toy distributor to the sex toy wholesaler, and the sex toy wholesaler to the sex toy retailer. Due to the development of the market, the functions of distributors and wholesalers are basically the same. We can merge the two roles of distributors and wholesalers into wholesalers.
1. Core demand: a large number of retail clients: the more clients they have, the more stable the overall sales volume and the greater the number of orders. Manufacturers compete to cooperate with it, then, their price and delivery time will have advantages.
2. Cost: marketing and sales staff costs. Whose promotion efficiency is higher, its cost control is better.
3. Features: The sex toy wholesaler is an intermediary unit, and can also be understood as the manufacturer’s sales and service department. When the wholesale price is the same, the higher the value of the service provided by the wholesaler, the more advantageous it will be.

sex toys supplier


Sex toy retailer:

1. Core demand: market development and sales growth.
2. Cost: sex product supply price, transportation cost, import tariff, marketing fee, terminal delivery fee, after-sales service
3, Difficulty: sex toy Retailers face a large number of end customers with different needs. Pre-sales and after-sales services are the embodiment of retailers’ capabilities.


Keywords: Quantity

When you are dealing with Chinese sex toys supplier, the most frequently asked question must be: “How many pcs do you want?” “What is your quantity?” Yes, Chinese sex toys supplier always care about order Quantity.
Because China is a big manufacturing country, it not only has a huge export volume but also has a huge domestic market. The factory workers here can rest at night, but the machines generally operate 24 hours a day. Because of labor and machinery, the cost of the plant is fixed every month. The more the monthly production, the lower the cost, the higher the profit, and the stronger the market competitiveness. Therefore, manufacturers like to make large orders, so that the machine does not have to be shut down and the assembly line does not need to be replaced, saving a lot of time and cost. The strong wholesalers are their favorite customers.

sex toys supplier
The adult products wholesalers also like retailers with large orders, because the orders of the strong retailers may be the order volume of dozens or even hundreds of small customers, and it takes a significantly shorter time to serve one customer than to serve dozens of small customers. also lower cost. Of course, some small customers with great potential are also the types that wholesalers like.
So if you want to get better Chinese supply-side support firstly, at least you have to show that you will have a big order later.

adult toy supply chain

Why is it difficult for you to find Chinese adult product factories online?


There are two types of sex  toy manufacturers in China:

1. Have their own sex toy factory, also have their own foreign trade sales team, well understand foreign markets, product positioning is higher, the marketing cost is also higher, but the unit price of the product is generally higher. Generally, in some port cities, cities like Shenzhen and Ningbo have many adult toy companies that integrate industry and trade. It is difficult for you to distinguish this type of company from other trading companies.
2. The second type is Only for sex toy production and leaves the overseas market to domestic trading companies. You can hardly find information about them online because they do not need oversea marketing, and the circle of the sex toys industry is very small, and they know each other well. their orders from peer factories and trading companies, which is enough for them. The price of this type of factory is very advantageous, and the product quality can be high or low, depending on market demand.

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As a retailer, how to choose your sex products supplier?


  • If you are a new seller or a small sex toy seller, it is best to find a wholesaler with good service. It will be very difficult for novices in the early stage. If you can get the full support of the supply side, it will save a lot of trouble and time, and focusing on the market Development is just fine.
  • If you are an old seller, a big seller (order volume is at least 1000pcs): You can find some manufacturers who do overseas market on Google search or Alibaba and other platforms, you can get good service and smooth communication. Because they have overseas sales teams, but the price you get may not be the best, because their overseas marketing expenses and sales staff costs are not low.
  • If you have rich experience in the adult products industry and are very familiar with China’s adult products manufacturing industry, then you can come to China for a site visit and identify a long-term supplier.

sex toys supplier


A misunderstanding: the factory price is lower than the trading company

We often receive inquiries from some customers. The first question is: “are u trading or manufacturing?”
They know something about the sex toy supplier, but not enough. Based on his common sense, he mistakenly believes that the price of the factory is lower than that of the trade. In fact, not exactly. Let’s break down the supply price:
 supply price = factory cost + marketing cost
The product supply price is the same, and the marketing cost is very different. Actually, The biggest advantage of sex toy wholesale is the market promotion, they can get more traffic at a lower cost. (that is why you are here looking at Blue Rabbit (wholesale sex toys manufacturer).
Moreover, traders have more choices of factory ex-factory prices, and they can choose some factories with better cost control to cooperate. Therefore, when the number of orders is not particularly large, the prices of traders and factories are not much different and are even more advantageous. 


sex toys supplier

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