How to Make An ORder with Blur Rabbit

Blue Rabbit is a B2B sex toys supplier. We only accept wholesale or customization orders. The difference with retail store is the transaction have longger steps. Buyer needs longer time to make decisions and there will be more details to confirm with each other.


1, Contact us with your detailed Requirement or design. we will deeply discuss the details and confirmation


2, We will send a detailed quotation with all the costs, the customization cost will be broken down for your better checking.

3D proofing

3,This step is only for OEM/ODM order,3D Prototyping to check if the sample can meet your request.


4, we should confirm the shipping terms, lead time, delivery time, payment details, and commercial contract.

Deposit payment

5, Before the mass production, we will charge the deposit to ensure you will not abandon it during production

Mass production

6, During the mass production, we will keep you updated with the product detail and time frame. to make sure everything went right.


7, after receiving the balance payment, your order will be shipped per the agreement. we will update the tracking information with you timely.


8, After shipment is received, we hope can get your feedback, including delivery time, quality of products, packing details, and service ratings.

From the inquiry to the order finished, there will be many details to be discussed and confirmed. we strongly recommend that we can fast communicate online, which will save much time for each other. By Whatsapp, Skype, Wechat, etc, you can reach out to us anytime. For some company wants the email record, also we can send the Official Documents by email, including the quotation, Invoice, Packing list, etc.


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