10 Tips Help You Know Everything About Sex Toy Mold

Sex toys molds in the warehouse
Sex toy molds play a vital role in the production of adult products and are the basis for creating high-quality, safe, and innovative toys. These moulds are engineered to ensure precision and consistency, allowing manufacturers to produce products that meet strict industry standards. Please read below to know more.
We will help you quickly understand sex toy mold from 10 aspects: mould introduction, production process, application products, manufacturing process, cost, construction time frame, efficiency in production, application in customization, how to achieve the function of manual mould, pocket pussy mold.

The introduction of sex toy molds plays a vital role in the manufacturing and design of adult products. They enable manufacturers to quickly produce products with complex designs, shapes and textures, and the range covers all areas of the adult sex toy industry, including the production of sex toys, accessories, and novelty items to meet the different preferences and ideas of consumers.

2.Production Process and Materials of Sex Toy Mould


The raw materials used in sex toys are carefully selected to ensure a safe, durable, and pleasurable tactile experience. Common materials include medical-grade silicone, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and ABS plastics, which are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and easy to clean.
Sex toy molds are usually made of high-quality steel or copper and are known for their durability and precision.

Production technology:

  • Injection molding process: It requires accommodation mould, this process is mainly completed by the machine and is a highly automated manufacturing process that needs injecting molten material into a mould cavity under high pressure.
  • Manual mold process: it needs mould, needs manually pouring material into a mould, this process mainly produces dildo products, and molding, mould costs are low.

Application scenarios of the two processes:

  • Injection molding process: This method has high production speed and is widely used to produce a large number of the same products with high precision, Such as the production of silicone accessories, and vibrator silicone shells.  
  • Manual mould process: This method is commonly used for custom, detailed, and small-batch items.

3.Sex Toy Mold Application in Products

Manual inverted mould: The factory mainly provides mold for silicone and TPE products, which is the most used mould in the production of adult products. This kind of mold can be used to produce dildos, pocket pussy, sex doll torsos, and other products
The injection moulds: Are mainly used to produce vibrator silicone enclosures, internal ABS structures, key switches, and remote control accessories, which are then assembled into a variety of vibrators
The rod of the sex toy molds

4.Manufacturing Process of Sex Toy Mould

Product creative design and prototyping

  • Market research Design products: Understand consumer preferences and market trends and design products based on research.
  • 3D modeling: Use computer aided design (CAD) software to create detailed 3D models of sex toys.
  • Simulation: Conduct simulations to check the feasibility of the design, including stress analysis and material flow.
  • 3D printing: Prototypes are made using 3D printing technology to evaluate the aesthetics and functionality of the design.
  • User testing: Collect feedback from testers to refine the design.

Mould design

  • Material selection: The mold material is selected according to the yield and material properties, usually steel or copper.
  • Cavity and core design: Design the cavity (negative space) and core (positive space) of the mould.
  • CAD design: Create a detailed design of the mold, including any necessary features such as cooling channels, top pins, and pouring systems.
  • Tolerances and fit: Ensure strict tolerances and precise fit to maintain product quality.

Mould manufacturing

  • Milling and drilling: Use CNC(computer digital control) machines to mill and drill mold parts from solid metal blocks.
  • EDM(Electric Discharge Machining): Use EDM to create complex shapes and fine details in moulds.
  • Polishing: Polishing the die surface to achieve the desired texture and smoothness.
  • Texture: If desired, surface textures or patterns can be added to the mold using methods such as acid etching or laser engraving.

Mould assembly

  • Alignment: Precisely align half of the mould to ensure accurate molding.
  • Fastening: Fasten the two halves of the mold together with bolts or clamps.
  • Trial production: Trial production with selected materials to test the performance of the mould.
  • Adjustment: Make necessary adjustments to the mould to solve any problems found during the trial run.

Quality control and finishing

  • Appearance and dimensional inspection: Check the finished product for defects or deviations from specifications.
  • Functional testing: Ensuring that the product functions as intended.
  • Sanitary handling: Clean and disinfect the product to ensure its safe use.
  • Packaging: The product is packaged to ensure the protection and appearance of the product.

The manufacturing process of a sex toy mold is a meticulous and precise operation, involving multiple stages from design to production. By employing advanced technologies such as CNC machining and EDM, manufacturers can produce high-quality moulds, ensuring that the final product meets consumer expectations in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Dildos mass production

5. Cost of Sex Toy Mold


  • In sex toy mould products, the dildo mold is the simplest, and the mould cost mainly includes 3D printing costs and modeling costs, which add up to about 200 US dollars. In the modeling, the new mould requires 3D printing costs, so the new mould will be higher than the cost of the continued mould.
  • In the production process, the cost of injection mould is much higher than the cost of inverted mould, taking the vibrator as an example: a vibrator needs 3-4 sets of molds to produce its components, and all mould costs add up to about 4000-6000 USD, so the penis factory is far more than the vibrator factory.

The cost of a sex toy mould depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the type of manufacturing process. Here’s a breakdown of these potential costs:

  • Simple design: Basic shapes with minimal details usually cost less.
  • Complex design: Anatomically precise, detailed, or complex designs increase costs.                                                                                           
  • Steel mould: High-quality steel mould is durable and suitable for mass production, but the price is more expensive.
  • Silicone or polyurethane moulds: Used in hand molding processes, are usually cheaper, but not durable.                              
  • Injection molding: High-precision moulds are required and production costs are higher.
  • Hand molding: Usually involves simpler moulds, which can be cheaper.

How to reduce costs

  • Use standardized designs: Less customization can reduce costs.
  • Make prototypes with cheaper materials: Make prototypes with cheaper moulds before investing in high-quality production moulds.
  • Outsourcing: Consider outsourcing mould manufacturing to areas with lower production costs.

6. Construction Time of the Adult Product Mold

Manual inverted mold: about 15-20 days, the time depends on the priority of the mould factory production arrangement.
The injection moulds: about 1-2 months. If you want to customize your brand of sex toys, you need to take this time into account.

7. The Production Efficiency of Sex Toy Mould in Production

The integration of advanced moulds in the production of adult products can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency, and by using these specialized moulds, manufacturers can achieve uniformity and consistency of high-volume products, reduce errors, and minimize waste. This simplified production process not only speeds up the production time but also ensures the high quality of each batch.

Manual mold products, a set of moulds can produce about 3-4 products a day, mainly because the silicone or TPE needs cooling time, this time can not be saved. So if the custom penis products, generally a set of moulds are not enough, if you want to speed up the delivery of goods, you must build more molds to achieve their expected delivery time.

The production of injection molds depends on machines, which can produce hundreds or even thousands of moulds a day, and a set of molds can fully meet the production needs.

8. Application of Sex Toy Mould in OEM/ODM

Sex toy mold is mainly used in adult product factories or manufacturers, but it is often used in the customization of some products, and even more used in customization. In some factories specializing in OEM/ODM orders, the mould from the customer accounts for 80%, while the mould developed by the factory itself accounts for only 20%.

For major brands, the pace of innovation is relentless, and a steady stream of innovative products has promoted the development of customized molds. When these innovative products receive a positive market response, companies quickly obtain patents to protect their intellectual property.

The strategic use of this custom mould not only enhances the uniqueness of the product but also reinforces the importance of protecting innovative designs in a highly competitive market. This focus on customization and intellectual property is critical to staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic adult toy market.

Hand-pour sex toy mold

9. How to Realize the Function of The Product using Manual Pouring Mold ?

Manual inversion molds mainly produce silicone penises and some male masturbation products. We take the penis as an example to show you how to realize the functions and appearance of the penis with a sliding egg, double-layered skin, double hardness, double heads, etc.

sliding egg
  • In order to integrate the sliding egg mechanism into a silicone penis, the design of the mould must allow for the insertion and safe placement of the mechanism. This is usually accomplished by cutting a portion of the mould, which is temporarily removed to allow the egg to be inserted. 
  • After placing the sliding egg, reassemble the mold and pour silicone around it. After the silicone solidifies and cools, open the mould and take out the product with an embedded sliding mechanism.
Double skin and double hardness
  • Manufacturing products with double skin or double hardness involves a two-stage casting process. The first pour forms the inner layer or core, which may vary in hardness or color. 
  • Once this layer is partially set, a second application of silicone is applied to form the outer layer. The method requires precise timing and viscosity control to ensure the layers bond properly without mixing, thus achieving the desired tactile quality.
  • For double-ended dildos, each end of the mould must be designed with separate sprues. This allows the liquid silicone to be poured simultaneously and fill every part of the mould evenly, ensuring both ends are formed correctly with consistent quality and detail. 
  • Molds may also include specialized vents to prevent air pockets and ensure a perfect finish.
The production process of liquid silicone in such applications is indeed complex and requires a deep understanding of material properties and mould engineering. We can only give a brief introduction. If you are interested, we welcome you to come and visit the site.
Colorful dildos are in the sex toy mold

10. How to Make Pocket Pussy Through Moulds

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are preferred for their flexibility, durability, and refinement capabilities. This material has the advantages of a low supply price and a wide range of uses, making its market sales very large, not only ensures a comfortable and safe user experience but also meets high hygiene and quality standards.
Molds and cores
  • Making the Pocket pussy begins with the creation of a mould, the mould that achieves the outer shape of the product. The mold is typically made from high-quality materials that capture intricate details and enhance the realistic look of the product.
  • Once the outer mold is set, the inner structure is formed using a specialized vaginal mould core. This core is crucial because it mimics the complex internal texture of the vagina, providing a realistic experience.
  • Other butt masturbators are also produced using this mould structure. There are many types of vaginal mould cores, which are provided by mold factories. As for appearance, they are quite different and require different moulds to achieve their realistic appearance.
Like this kind of pocket pussy or sex torso, all you have to do is make a mold of its appearance. Then select the appropriate mould core, and a TPE product is designed.

Final Words:

Sex toy molds are production tools for the adult product manufacturing industry. Generally, only factories or customers with customization needs need to understand and master them. Our brief introduction only helps you understand its working principle in broad strokes, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of adult products. When you need to make an OEM/ODM order, know more about its cost and time frame.
Adult product molds, like raw materials, belong to the upstream link of production and manufacturing. The quality of the upstream link will determine the grade and positioning of the product. Therefore, if you are a powerful brand owner, and want to have your unique sex toys, you should better know how the mold works in the sex toys manufacturing.

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