8 Main sex toy materials in manufacturing

Vibrators silicone materials

Sex toy materials determine the lower limit of quality, and the design determines the upper limit of sex toy experience. Do you well know the sex toys materials? is your sex toys supplies used safe and high-quality materials?

As the sex toys supply chain in China, Blue Rabbit will help you know everything about sex toy manufacturing materials.



  • Introduction: TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) are thermoplastic elastomer materials, There is a very slight difference in sex toy manufacturing. maybe you can tell the difference by the appearance of the toy., TPE looks matt, and TPR looks glossy. and they are the same price, the same Characteristics. we can fully take them same things.


  • Advantage: TPE/TPR are mostly used in male sex toys because it is soft touch, have High-impact strength, safe for the body, are easy clean, and are recyclable to the environment. and the cost is very low. As you can see, the pocket pussy and TPE dildos are very cheap.


  • Shortage: TPE is needed in good storage condition, if long time high- temperature environment, the TPE toys will be Oiled out and even melt, and if a long time under the pressure, the toys will be deformed.


  • Suggetion: On the supply side, manufacturers will use different TPE to meet different market levels, some factories import High-level TPE materials from the USA, and some bad sex toy factories will use recycled TPE materials to lower the cost. most of the suppliers will use the domestic TPE supply. So your purchase decisions will cause different quality and cost.
TPE raw materials and toys

2, Silicone: 


  • Introduction: Silicone is absolutely safe material. and better performance than TPE in sex toy production, Easy modulation of color and hardness. we fully introduced it in another article ” female vibrators quality judgment”. but the cost of Silicone will be high, especially high-grade silicone materials.


  • Advantage: Silione is bored for sex toys manufacturing, non-toxic, surface smooth touching, stable performance with finished products.


  • Shortage: cost is high.


  • Suggestion: Silicone materials have wide cost levels, but the cost difference will not cause a safety issue, just experience difference, According to your brand value or Market Strategy, decide to choose the sex toys manufacturers and suppliers.
Vibrators silicone materials

3, ABS: 

  • Finished Products: sex toys parts


  • Introduction: ABS is used in the early age of adult toy production, for some outer used vibrators, like egg vibrators, and bullet vibrators, and it was Gradually is replaced by silicone. when the market requests better products.


  • Advantage: Non-toxic and odorless, Easy-to-process, very low cost. Due to the low cost, ABS can be made into sex toy parts or used as the inner structure of vibrators. the parts are durable and lower the total cost of the products but won’t lower the quality.


  • Shortage: Low-Flexibility, the whole performance is worse than silicone.
Sex toys parts made by ABS

4,Borosilicate glass :


  • Introduction: Borosilicate glass is a common glass added about 13% Boro. it is special glass, very suitable for dildo manufacturing.


  • Advantage: non-toxic, Good resistance to breakage, Will not break into particles even if the broken, low risk of the body hurt. Good light transmission for a more transparent look.


  • Shortage: the cost is higher than common glass, and need high request for packing and transport.


  • Suggestion: all glass toys are handmade one by one, easy to customize, with bubble packing, the weight and volume is big, air shipping cost is not cheap, best by sea.
Dildos made by Borosilicate glass

5, Stainless steel:


  • Introduction: Stainless steel can see everywhere in our daily life, so no more introduction here.


  • Advantage : Durable, corrosion resistant, non-toxic and safe, easy to clean.


  • Shortage: The unit weight is bigger than other toys, especially for big bulk orders, needs durable outer packing, and the shipping cost is high.


  • Suggestion: For some stainless butt plugs, some are not stainless steel material, just Plastic shells with a silver paint finish. these Anal toys’ prices will be cheaper, but after several times using, The coating will come off, become very ugly, and can’t use anymore.
    So before you place an order with your supplier, you should make it clear.
Stainess steel sex toys material

6, Artificial leather:

  • Finished Products: BDSM toys


  • Introduction: Leather is divided into genuine leather and artificial leather, but in the sex toys industry, Artificial leather can meet the quality requirements. some high-end bondage kit gift box, it will use genuine leather.


  • Advantage: Good breathability, beautiful luster, not easy to mold and insects


  • Shortage: less durable than genuine leather


  • Suggestion: the cost of further is cheap and stable quality. the leather products’ cost focus on labor cost and design. so, Whether the product is fine workmanship is the standard for judging the high quality of the product.
Artificial leather for BDSM toys



  • Introduction: PVC is a member of the plastic family and one of the most widely used materials, which can be made into daily and industrial products, and is also the base material for other raw materials, and part of the material for artificial leather mentioned above is PVC. PVC itself is non-toxic and safe.


  • Advantage: the cost of PVC is cheap. Stable physical and chemical properties, high durability, easy to process, and mold.


  • Shortage: PVC will add plasticizers and stabilizers in processing and manufacturing, and these auxiliary materials have a certain degree of toxicity, in addition, PVC will release TCCD when burning, which is a carcinogenic substance.


  • Suggestion: PVC products have certain safety risks, but this risk is controllable in daily life products, adult products are particularly high demand for safety products, so manufacturers will avoid producing products with safety hazards, keep the finished sex toys safe to use. of course, we select suppliers or manufacturers also need to choose a higher reputation one.
PVC made lingerie

8, Paper:


  • Introduction: Sex game cards need many processes to produce by paperboard, so the cards can be smooth, glossy, and durable.


  • Andvantage: Low cost, easy customization


  • Shortage: the sex cards board has many limited sales, because of the Intellectual Property Protection.


  • Suggestion: The cost of the sex game cards is content design and printing craft. if you have a good idea for a sex game or part game, it can be easily realized by the printing factory.
Paper board for sex cards

Some FAQ about sex toy materials

1)what are the best materials for a sex toy?

Silicone, Like rubber, are the best to make Tires, Silicone is best for making sex toys, absolutely safe, nice touch feeling, stable performance for finished products. Except for the higher price, nothing weakness.


2)what are the dildos made of?

Dildos can be made with Silicone, TPE, PVC, Glass, and Some Crystal. Silicone dildos are best, but the price is the highest, TPE is the cheapest, but needs good storage condition, and PVC is in the middle. Glass and crystal dildos are the special, smaller market.


3)is the sex toy material safe for the body?

Safe is the first place for sex toys, Whether it’s a consumer, an adult business, or a manufacturer. Nobody will take this risk, The market requests it, and all the players will do it. so no worries about this. sex toys market developed so many years. select a great reputation supplier to cooperate with, This risk is negligible.

sex toys material


These is the eight most used sex toy materials in adult product manufacturing. there are others materials, like crystal for massagers, Acrylics for sex dice. etc.

As like the finished products, raw materials also have quality levels, and different manufacturers or brands. When the cost comes to a big difference, the sex toy factories will make the decisions and come out with different quality sex toys. A good reputation supplier will save your Trial and Error Costs. How to judge the supplier is worth trusting at the shortest time and low the error cost. and how to match the supply quality and price to your owner’s market requirements, is the question left for you at the end by Blue Rabbit.

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