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We can provide you with sex dolls pictures and other product information required by the e-commerce platform.

And it can be shipped directly from the Chinese factory to your customers. In this way, you do not need to wholesale a lot of mini sex dolls in your own warehouse, which can save a lot of storage costs and reduce your own business risk.For those who are looking for small, small or miniature love dolls. Small sex dolls are shipped faster than any other collection. Buy a flat-chested (or small-breasted) sex doll with a height of 68 cm100-125 cm or 140 cm.

The mini love doll is light in weight, small in size and low in price, and can be easily moved to the desired sexual position. Petite sex dolls are easy to collect. They are all considered to be adults or fantasy anime creatures.

The laws of some countries consider the purchase of mini sex dolls a crime, so you need to understand local laws.Thank you!

Sex Dolls – Product Show

Sex Doll – Head Type Selection

sex doll tpe head

TPE head + wig

sex doll silicone head wig

Silicone head + wig

Silicone head hair transplant

Silicone head hair transplant

Sex Doll – Skin Tone Selection

light brown sex doll

light brown

natural sex doll


white sex doll


tan sex doll


Sex Doll – Eyes Selection

Brown eyes sex doll

Brown eyes

Blue eyes sex doll

Blue eyes

Red eyes sex doll

Red eyes

Yellow eyes sex doll

Yellow eyes

Gray-eyed sex doll

Gray eyes

Green eyes sex doll

Green eyes

Sex Doll – Nails Selection











Sex Doll – Function Selection

Silicone head wig

Touch pronunciation

Silicone head wig

Smart heating

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