Blue Rabbit sex toys supply chain focus on stable quality and cheap supply price. sex toys quality is one of our core values. we promised our cooperative clients the supply quality. So will protect their interest when the order has a quality issue.

If you found out there is a quality issue in your bulk sex toys order. pls contact the sale rep, they will help you process the refund or recovery.

1, Order Protection Period

The warranty period is 90 days. it begins on the date of shipment delivery.

In this period, you found out the quality issue, or your customers who you sold to found out, all are in the count.

2, Product quality issues and liability determination

To save the working time of each other, please show the proof of your statement. It is best a video or a refund proof of your selling platform. then we will confirm if the product’s quality issue or an incorrect operation.

3, The solutions to the Problematic order

  • Refund
  • Recover the quantity of the defective products with your next order
  • You won’t order from us again, we will send the recovered quantity separately by express.

4. The process of refund or Recovery

The refund will be sent by PayPal or existing order on our Alibaba store.

The refund time on PayPal is 24 Hours, and the refund on Alibaba orders is within 72 Hours.

The problematic order recovery time depends on the agreement between you and the sale rep.

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