Stable quality sex toys always can bring positive feedback from your customers, then benefiting your business and brand.

Blue Rabbit will take care of your bulk wholesale orders, and help our clients grow their business with time.


1. Quality control testing in the sex toys manufacturing

The major work of quality control is testing, which includes: Drop testing, Aging testing, waterproof testing, button testing, and outlook checking. Noise test.

drop testing

Drop testing

Most of the sex toys are small size, easy to drop in the using, drop testing keep the durable of them

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Button testing

All of the sex products will be finish the button testing before packing

age tesing

Age tesing

This is the most important testing of the vibrating products.

Bulk dildos

Outlook checking

This test is for the dildos and TPE sex toys,keep them soft touch,No impurities,No bubbles.

waterproof testing

Waterproof testing

This test process is sample testing, easy to control in the production

Noise test

Noise test

sample test for the vibrators, less noise,more popular.

2. Adult Toys Quality Certification

Blue Rabbit sex toys finished so many quality certifications. which will help our clients import and resell sex toys legally. Also, our partner manufacturers have the most certifications and will make sure your bulk order has no problem with import and resell.

CE certification

Test report for shipping

Test report for shipping

Rhos certification

Rhos Certification

Chinse test report

Test report for lingerie


FCC certification

FCC Cetificaiton

Lingerie test report

Test report for lingerie

3. Quality Warranty Period & Return and Exchange Policy & Third-part inpection

Blue Rabbit offers 365 days of quality warranty time. in this time

The return and exchange policy is :

 You can take a video to show where is the problem.when we confirm the quality problem.

   There will be 3 ways to solve it (up to you):

  • refund
  • recover the quantity of the defective products with your next order
  • never order from us again, we will send the recovered quantity separately by express.

Blue Rabbit supports third-part quality inspection, you can find an inspection company or a Chinese friend to do it. we will inform our Chinese address and get in contact with them to work it out.

4. The reviews of sex toys quality from our clients

This is the quality ratings from our Alibaba online store. It updates every day. and judged by hundreds of clients, you can click it and check the reality of the reviews.


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