After the quotation is Approved, we step into the payment process. Blue Rabbit focuses on the adult sex toys oversea market, So we support multiple payment methods such as T/T, credit card, Online Bank Payment, Boleto, Western Union, Online Transfer, Paypal, Apple pay, etc.


Payment ways

1.T/T(Wire Transfer): This is a recommended payment by Blue Rabbit. If the amount of the order is above 2000 USD, this way is the most economical.20-40 USD Bank charges per transaction. the amount is bigger, the bank fees rate is lower. one day arrival time.


PayPal: Paypal has huge users in the majority of countries. easily to use. online money transfer platform, fast arrive. and the payment security is very high. can protect your payment well until you receive the order.

However, the handling cost of Paypay is very high, 3.5% of the amount will be charged by PayPal.

Alibaba Trade Assurance

Alibaba Trade Assurance: Blue Rabbit has an online store on Alibaba, so also we can use the trade assurance service. we can draft the order on it and send the payment links to you. then you can pay it by T/T, credit card, Online Bank Payment, Boleto, Western Union, Online Transfer, Paypal, Apple pay, etc. Your payment will be transferred to Alibaba, then Alibaba will transfer the money to us.

This way is convenient for some credit cards user, but we did the investigation from our clients, and the banks’ charge is very high. Bank charges are more than 3-5%. and Alibaba will charge us 2.2%, the middle cost is very high.

This payment method is recommended to some new clients who do not trust us enough at the beginning.

1, What is the T/T, and how can I operate it to transfer?

T/T is a Telegraphic transfer, most China suppliers call it T/T. the operation method is easy, just like you transfer money from your bank account to another bank account,  now another account is an oversea account. we will provide the bank details in our Commercial Invoice.

2, Can your company share the bank charges with me?

Blue rabbit quote the sex toys as a wholesale price not including the bank charges.

So we can’t share the bank chargers with you. you can take this cost as your wholesale cost, then make your resell price.

3, Will you charge the VAT or other tax in the payment?

VAT is the tax when EU clients do the importing, US clients have the consumer tax, these two types of the tax only will be charged when you pay from Alibaba(just EU And US), if you pay it directly to the Blue Rabbit account, will be not charged.  

4, Do your company offer OA payment terms?

For the regular clients above two years, we will evaluate the credit and power of clients, then we can offer 3-6 month OA payment terms(Billing Period)