More and more customers want to learn more about new sex toys,now we select the most potential sex toys from many different manufacure in China,these new design sex toys can keep your selling products defferent with your competitor,and after our professional selection,they maybe become your next hot-selling sex toys.Blue Rabbit alway trying to help your business a bit.

We will update new sex toys here every month.

Remote Control Bullet

Wireless Panty Vibrator

Wholesale Price: $6.3/pc

Rabbit Vibrator

New Rabbit Vibrator

Wholesale Price: $5.4/pc

Orgasm Pen

Ultrasonic Orgasm Pen

Wholesale Price: $15.5/pc

Licking Vibrator

Heating Tongue Licker

Whoelsale Price: $31.6/pc

Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating Cock Ring

Wholesale Price: $6.85/pc

Wireless Glans Vibrators

Wireless Glans Vibrator

Wholesale Price: $9/pc

Vacuum Sex Cup

Vacuum Sex Cup

Wholesale Price: $6.1/pc

Male Enhancement Pump

Male Enhancement Pump

Wholesale Price: $4/set

Christmas Sexy Lingerie

Christmas Sexy Lingerie

Wholesale Price: $5.15/set

Embroidery Lace Lingerie

Embroidery Lace Lingerie

Wholesale Price: $5.9/set

Open Crotch Body Stockings

Open Crotch Stocking

Wholesale Price: $1.38/pc

Leather Chain Sexy Lingerie

Leather Chain Sexy Lingerie

Wholesale Price: $2.35/pc

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