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Most TPE or silicone sex doll torsos are manufactured in China. Blue rabbit offers our commercial customers factory price and quality- guaranteed. Be your best sex doll torso supplier. Contact us for more pricing and catalog.

If every sex doll torso wholesale order has any quality issue, you will get a fast recovery or refund within 72 hours.

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Butt Torso with Skirt


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Female Pussy Sex Torso


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Teen Sex Doll Torso


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Realistic Hairy Pussy Butt (14kg)


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Middle Size Half Body Sex Foll (6 KG)


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Young Girl Sex Doll Torso with Head (88CM)


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Sex doll torso production room

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Pocket Pussies Warehouse

Finished sex doll torso

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Bulk sex torsos stock

  1. The Raw material of the sex doll torso is TPE or silicone, TPE is soft touching, and Silicon looks more realistic. Silicon sex torsos are more expensive than TPE ones.
  2. The sex doll torso is very heavy, and the best shipping way is by sea, the delivery time is slow. To the USA, can be fast to 20 days, and the other countries normally 45 days.
  3. The difference between good quality and low-quality sex doll torsos is that used recycled raw materials. A good reputation sex doll torso supplier is important.
  4. The manufacturing process will decide if the sex torso has a good-looking and touching feeling.
  5. TPE sex torso reseller should pay attention to the storage conditions, the warehouse temperature should not be too high, and stacking pressure. otherwise, the product will be deformed.
  6. Sex dolls are banned on  Amazon and other marketplaces, but sex doll torso is not banned, hot selling on Amazon.
  7. We have sex doll torso stock in USA and EU warehouses, if you have interesting to distribute them, welcome to contact us.