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Variety types of sex toys for men are in supplying, cheap price wholesale male sex toys From Blue Rabbit to keep your adult business competitive. and we will promise the quality.

Every bulk male toys order has any quality issue, Blue Rabbit will confirm recovery or refund within 72 hours! 

Pocket Pussy factory
male masturbators factory
Male Masturbators Factory
vaginal shape sleeve parts

Male Masturbation Cup

cheap price masturbation cup

Cheap Price Masturbation Cup


Flashlight Shape male Cup

Flashlight Shape Male Cup


double head masturbation cup

Double Head Masturbation Cup


tranperant handjob cup

Transparent Handjob Cup


Auto mastrubation cup for male

Auto Masturbation Cup for Male


Electric Oral masturbation cup

Electric Oral Masturbation Cup


Masturbation Cup wtih Tongue

Masturbation Cup with Tongue


suction masturbation cup

Suction Masturbation Cup


Pocket Pussy

Cheap Price Pocket Pussy

Cheap Price Pocket Pussy


High quality pocket pussy

High Quality Pocket Pussy


Oral Sex Pocket Pussy

Oral Sex Pocket Pussy


3 in 1 pocket pussy

3 in 1 Pocket Pussy


boobs ball

Boobs Ball


Anus pocket pussy

Anus Pocket Pussy


egg pocket pussy

Egg Pocket Pussy


foot vagina

Foot Vagina


Sex Doll Torso

Small butt torso sex toy

Small Butt Torso Sex Toy


big ass male masturbator

Big Ass Male Masturbator


High Quality Sex Doll Torso

High Quality Sex Doll Torso


1:1 Realistic ass vagina masturbator

1:1 Realistic Ass Vagina Masturbator


Half body sex doll torso

Half Body Sex Doll Torso


sex torso with boobs

Sex Torso with Boobs


Leg SexTorso Toy

Leg SexTorso Toy


Male Sex Doll Torso

Male Sex Doll Torso


Cock Rings

Cheap Price TPE Cock Ring

Cheap Price TPE Cock Ring


Silicone cock ring set

Silicone Cock Ring Set


Metal Cock Ring

Metal Cock Ring


Adjustable Cock Ring

Adjustable Cock Ring


Cheap vibrating Cock Ring

Cheap Vibrating Cock Ring


remote control cock ring

Remote Control Cock Ring


Vibrating cock ring for couple sex

Multi Function Cock Ring


Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating Cock Ring


Penis Pump

Cheap price penis pump

Cheap Price Penis Pump


Penis Vacum Enlargement Pump

Penis Vacuum Enlargement Pump


electric penis pump for men

Electric Penis Pump for Men


water bath penis pump

Water Bath Penis Pump


Penis Sleeve

Cheap vibrating Penis Sleeve

Cheap Vibrating Penis Sleeve


Transparent penis sleeve

Transparent Penis Sleeve


Strap On penis sleeve

 Strap on Penis Sleeve


Realistic Cock Sleeve

Realistic Cock Sleeve


Male Sex Toys Manufacturer Details

Men’s sex toys have many types of products, most of them are the masturbation function. the other is for the better couple’s sexual pleasure.

1, The material of male sex toys

This is a very important part of the manufacturing process, it decides the quality of the products, also the cost of the manufacture. the electronic masturbation cup and the pocket pussy is mainly made of TPE, there are many grades of TPE, the price is different, and some low-quality of products just use recyclable TPE material. so sometimes we should not purchase the lowest price male sex toys.

2, Manufacturing technique

Big factories are better manufacturing techniques than small ones, the design of the product will be more realistic, better touch feeling, and be more user-friendly. because big factories have more strictly management of the manufacturing process.

3, Testing 

Good manufacturer will test every product before packing, the test includes: Power-on test, recharge test, aging test, waterproof test, etc. better quality management, and the test is more rigorous and varied. the defective rate can be controlled.

Tips Help You Better Wholesale Male Sex Toys

1, The wholesale price of the sex toys for men

When you wholesale men’s sex toys from China supplier, your cost will include three parts: the price of products, shipping cost, and duty tax.

You always can get the same price with the factory from Blue Rabbit, Because Blue Rabbit have long-term strategic partnership with them. You can get the factory price with low MOQ orders.

About the shipping cost, we have many contracted shipping forwarders in China and will choose the cheapest cost and the safest forwarder to ship your order.

Duty tax is the pegged rate for every country’s customs, but we still have methods to help clients reduce it legally.

2,New designed and hot-selling male masturbation toys

We updated our catalog periodically, you just follow us to keep the same rhythm with the sex toys market. Of course, every country has different popular adult toys, we keep closely communication each other, then we can do better cooperation for the business.

3.The after-sale service 

You can take a video to show where is the problem. When we confirm the quality problem.

There will be 3 way to solve it(up to you):

1, Refund
2, Recover the quantity of the defective products with your next order
3, Never order from us again, we will send the recovered quantity separately by express.

4, The reviews data on our Alibaba store, you can always trust Blue Rabbit

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