How to get the best shipping cost for my sex toys order? How do I get safe shipment to my country? When you import sex toys from China , the shipping cost is an important part of the order.

In order to find the best answer, Blue Rabbit has sorted out all the factors and processes related to the shipping of sex toys. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of which shipping solution is best for you, and you can save much money on the shipment.

1.After payment, How long does it take for the order to be delivered to me?

As a client, people only care about how long they can receive the shipment after they pay for the orders.
As a vendor, we divide the order form period time into two parts: lead time and shipping time.

Lead time is the order preparation time after payment.

Lead time is different when the bulk order have different requirements.

The standard of lead time is as follows:

Sex products in stock: 1-3 days

General Customization (logo, packing) :5-15 days

ODM (design, tooling,sample test,mass production): 1-3 months.

Shipping time is how long you need to wait after the goods are shipped out by the shipping company.

Normally, our working process is to send the finished products to the shipping company in Shenzhen, China,which spends 1 day. Different shipping options have different shipping time.

By express (DHL,UPS,Fedex ). 3-8days.(USA as an example)

By sea: 45days (Brazil as an example).

By land:20-40days (Russia as an example)

By train: 40-60days(Germany as an example )

This is normal shipping time. The shipping speed is fast or slow depending on whether the shipment is congested or not.

International Shipping

2.How much is shipping cost for my order? How would I know your quotation of the shipping is high or the best?

When we offer u shipping quotation, you will always be a bit skeptical because you don’t know enough about it, so you compare shipping quotation from many sex toys vendors. Now we make it clear.

Regardless of which shipping method you choose, the shipping cost always depends on the Chargeable Weight. The chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight of the shipment – whichever is the greater. Let us take a simple example to show how to confirm the chargeable weight.

One client from USA who wants to ship his sex toys orders by DHL , the shipment is 1 carton, the gross weight is 8 KG, the size of the carton is 40*40*30 (CM). When the DHL receives the shipment , they will calculate the weight as below:

Gross weight :8 KG

Volumetric weight: 40*40*30/5000=9.6KG.

The volumetric weight is bigger than gross weight, so the chargeable weight is 10 kg. Then they will charge the corresponding shipping cost for 10KG.

Mostly sex toys, like vibrators, packed by color box ,the volumetric weight is always bigger than gross weight. But for the dildos and some TPE male sex toys, gross weight is usually bigger than volumetric weight.

Therefore ,when you make the sex toys purchase, you can calculate its gross weight based on the sex toy details described and use it as a reference for chargeable weight. Then you can get different shipping quotations from different vendors for the same chargeable weight. If they are almost the same you can take it, if there is a big difference you can ask them to explain, or just drop it.

Next , let s learn about the shipping cost for different shipping methods.(also USA as an example)

To USA ,Shipment is 21 KG(USA as an example)

By express (DHL, UPS) price: 10 USD/KG

By sea: 2.5-3.5USD/kg Accurate shipping price depends on how fast the shipping.(At least 1 CBM or 21 KG)

These two prices are valid for 3 days, and the shipping cost is always changing.

The shipping cost is always not very stable. If the shipment is congested , the price will rise up. On the contrary, when the shipment is running normally, the price will go down. So if you can plan your order very well , it will help you save a lot shipping cost.

The shipping cost is relatively complicated for a new importer. A trustworthy sex toys vendors will help you get a best price. You can also find a trusted sex toys shipping agent in China. Most vendors are willing to send your shipment to the China address for free.

3. I have never imported sex toys from China, Can you briefly introduce the process for me?

Let’s simplify the process:

  1. Find a sex toys vendor
  2. products selection from the catalogs
  3. Confirm the international shipping ways
  4. Chek and confirm the quotation
  5. Make the payment
  6. Customs clearance (no need in DDP term)
  7. Delivery
  8. Feedback and improving for the next importation
How to get your order for sex toys

4.How much is the import customs duties for the sex toys in my country customs?

Every product has a unique HS code at customs, and the customs duties is calculated based on this. Now, the global trade is developing very well ,and the customs duties have gone down a lot.

Take UK as an example , the customs duties is almost 20% of the value of the shipment declared. You can check it easily on your country customs office website.

5, Which documents will be required when the sex toys shipment Includes a lithium battery?

Most sex toys with vibration include the lithium battery, the Built-in battery is not the highest dangerous shipment, but the shipping agent still treats it seriously. after you provide these documents below, they will accept your Freight Consignment.

  • MSDS (Material safety data sheet)
  • UN38.3 test report
  • Certification report for safe transport of goods (By air; By sea)
  • Non-Haz LOI

Bue Rabbit can provide all these documents to help you fast ship out the shipment

UN38.3 test report
Certification report for safe transport of goods
Non-Haz LOI

5.I am from India , can I import sex toys from China?

Sex toys is still a special commodity in some country. Some country have strong religious culture, special for the muslim countries, like Mid-east ,India, Pakistan, etc. The customs laws forbid the adult toys import.

However, the sex toy market still has great potential in these countries. You can buy sex toys easily in Saudi. Also there are many sex toys online stores in India. Most of the supply of those toys comes from China. There are always some people who have special ways.

Every client has different ability of custom clearance. Chinese customs have always approved the export of sex toys. When your shipment arrives the customs in your country,you need to handle customs clearance, because the customs clearance is the duty of the consignee. So you should consider the feasibility.

China Customs

6.Can you tell me the difference between DAP and DDP shipping terms? How should i choose?

DDP shipping is the sex toy supplier should be responsible for everything, including packing, label, shipping, customs clearance, and all the tax and handing cost.
On the contrary, under DAP shipping terms, the buyer will be responsible for the customs duties and customs clearance.

Obviously, under the DDP shipping terms, your costs are lower and there is not much to do in person. With DAP shipping terms, you need to handle customs clearance locally in person. But you will get the official import documents. This is necessary for some large companies.

Therefore , if you do your business formally, you can choose DAP , If your business is not formal,there is no need for official import documents, you can choose DDP terms.

7.How to make the best international shipping solution for the adult toys importation?

Two principles make the shipping solution:

1, If time allows, by sea is the best, the cost almost is 1/3 of the air cost.

2, if possible, the DDP term is far better than the DAP term. for some small sex toy businesses, the DDP term will help you avoid all the customs taxes. That’s a bigger Competitive Advantage than big sellers.

The best shipping options for different sex toys:

Heavy and big-size sex toys by sea or railway: dildos, pocket pussy, sex torsos, sex dolls, sex furniture, etc.

Small size or light sex toys by air: vibrators, BDSM toys, sexy lingeries, anal toys.

Well plan your bulk order time frame, and then you will save much cost.


Sex toys packed on pallets

Sex toys packed on pallets


Sex toys Import is not complicated. But defferent decisions will get much different cost. and the cost of your import affect your selling price and profit.then make a diferent result of business.

So, a trustworthy sex toys supplier is so important for your business. Blue Rabbit focuse on oversea sex toys market. we help all of our clients to control the cost of the import. make a win-win adult toys business. 

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