How to Judge the quality of female vibrators Professional and non-professional?

Instructure of rabbit vibrator

Female vibrators are the most selling sex toys in the adult market. As sex toys business merchants or consumers, most of them don’t have many good ideas of how to judge the quality of the vibrator.

Blue Rabbit are experienced player in the adult industry, which has a powerful supply chain in China, today we will tell you how to judge the quality of the vibrator as a professional manufacturer, also the simple ways as newer.

How will the Professional Supplier Judge the Vibrator Quality?

1, Structure of the vibrator sex toy

Normally, vibrator sex toy Consists of five parts:



3,Lithium Battery

4, outer silicone

5, inner ABS

Instructure of rabbit vibrator

a), Motors/Engineer

There are many Parameters of the micro motors , but we are talking about three important Parameters which decide the vibrator quality.

  • RPM and Torque: RPM is Rotation speed per minute and High RPM with torque will decide the frequency limit of the vibrator. How powerful your vibrator is depends on the RPM of the motors.
  • Low noise: vibrator is an adult toy, that needs the quiet feature. This feature also depends on the motors
  • Life of the motor. Everything has used life. Longer using life motors are more expensive in the market. And this decides your vibrator’s life.

b), PCBA

PCBA is a Printed Circuit Board Assembly. It is the control part of the vibrators,, when you press the button or remote control of the vibrator, your order will be translated to the motors by the PCBA. The PCBA is a very mature part in Shenzhen city, so the cost and the quality is all big difference.

PCBA of egg vibrator

c), Lithium Battery

now most vibrators are rechargeable. Because they use the Lithium Battery.

For this vibrator part. They are many options to reduce the cost than lower the quality of the vibrator. The features of the low-quality battery:

  • Used battery. It is half cost of the new one. and the result is a full charge only half using time.
  • Without Protection is a protected device of the battery. Which Prevents overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuits. Some bad vibrator cant work or burn just used the battery without a protection plate.
  • Lower capacity than Declaration, for example, use the 80 mAH for the 100 mAH .

d),Inner ABS

This part is to fix the PCBA and the battery. It is cheap and simple. just skip it.

e),Outer Silicone

This part is straightly touching our body and skin. It is very important for safety. So let make talking more about it.


  • Silicon is the best raw material for vibrator production. It is non-irritating, non-toxic, non-allergic to human tissues, and has minimal rejection by the body;  Silicone can be directly disinfected by boiling with water, and organic silicone can withstand high temperatures up to 250 degrees, and can also be directly disinfected with bleach.


  • Silicon has 3 different grades. The market price is different. They are General grade, Medical grade, and food grade. The best is food-grade silicone,  but this grade, still have many price level.  So there are so many options for vibrating manufacturing.


  • However, In the market, some manufacturers will pursue top quality to Distinguish from others, they use liquid silicone or Platinum food silicon. This vibrator is more comfortable for the end-user, but the supply price will be more expensive.

2, In the vibrators production, also many details will affect the quality of the vibrator

  • raw materials and parts testing before assembly.
  • Testing after assemble(drop testing, age testing, noise testing, waterproof testing)
  • packing solution avoids damage in the transport.
Silicone raw material

How Should the Consumers or Resellers Who are not Professional to Judge the Vibrator Quality?

1, Touching: Good silicone vibrators have a good smooth, soft touch feeling, it feels like the real skin or Satins

2, Smelling: High-quality food-grade vibrators no smell. And the low quality silicone used vibrator has a Pungent smell.

3, Comparing. Some sex toys reseller has many vibrators, use a good vibrator to compare the vibration power. If the max vibration model is still not strong, the motors are not good

4, Listening: if you feel the vibrator works with big noise, the vibrator does not do the noise test before selling.

5, Using: after a full recharge, the using time does not meet the time declared in the instruction. the Lithium battery is not good.

6, Overview: The details always decide the quality. Packing details and design details will show if the manufacturer is serious with their production

Vibrator simple testing

FAQ about the Quality of Vibrator Sex Toys

1, are all the vibrators silicons made of ?

No, Actually, Most of the vibrators are made of silicon and ABS, ABS is hard and non-toxic to the body, which can be made of the handle or the remote controls. And the cost is low, which can lower the production cost of the vibrator.  At the early age of the vibrator, the bullet vibrator and the egg vibrator all are made by ABS, and the penetration vibrator like the G-spot vibrator is made by silicone. Now there are many choices in the market, full-silicone bullet vibrators and ABS bullet vibrators both exist in the market, and the market will decide which will survive.

2, there is a saying that rose vibrators will cause cancer, is it true?

Rose vibrator is the fastest-growing in the vibrators market. All are made of silicone. And silicone is non-irritating, non-toxic, non-allergic to human tissues, and no rejection by the body. This has a Scientific basis. So I think this saying is just from market competition. Because when the rose vibrator was raised on Amazon, the other vibrator sales dropped a lot in the past.

3, what is the defective rate of the bulk vibrator order that can be accepted?

good vibrator manufacturers will test all the vibrators before packing. So the defective ones are mostly caused by the packing and the transport process. In our experience, a 0.2%-0.5% defective rate can be accepted.

Final Thought:

Vibrators suppliers have many ways to control the manufacturing cost. If the price is far Lower than the market, you should be careful and make clear the reason. A Reseller always likes low supply prices, but should not be greedy, then fall into the quality trap. Every customer who can trust us should be seriously treated. This is also the business Principle of Blue Rabbit.

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