Custom made dildos (Penis) for your own adult toys brand. Help your adult business less competition, better brand identification.

Blue Rabbit will help our clients lower the customization cost, speed up the process, help your customized dildos can be fast put into the market.

1, Dildos types and customize options

  1. Raw Materials customize options: Silicone dildos, TPE dildos, PVC dildos, Glass dildos, etc.

  2. Appearance options: Realistic dildos, Dragon dildos, Alien Dildos, Hollow dildos, solid dildos, FTM packers.

  3. Color options: Flesh, Brown, Light chocolate, dark chocolate, other colors according to the Pantone code.

  4. Function: Foreskin, vibrating, swinging, thrusting, Moving balls, etc.

  5. Size: Small, Medium, Large, and other sizes, you name it.

Different dildo samples

Different dildo samples

2, Process and steps of Custom made dildos

1, 3D design documents prepare

Send your design file to us, the design file shoule be STL,CDR,AI specification, Please dont just send a non-professional roughly picture. we dont accept it, only deal with serious business.

FTM packer 3D design

STL format design file renderings

2, Carving a clay pattern

if you dont have professional design file like AI,Stl documents, just some high-relution pics. we need to carve a clay pattern for your confirmation.

This step is cost much, so it is best you have design file.

Carving a dildo clay pattern

Carving a dildo clay pattern

3, 3D proofing

we use the 3D proofing to build a fake mode. which is used for the new mold building. this step will confirm with you to make sure everything is correct.


3D proofing for dildo model

3D printing dildo model

4, Buliding a new mold

the new mold openning will process half month, this time frame can be speed up if the there is no jam.And the cost of the new mold for generic dildos is around 150 USD.

didos molds

didos molds

5, Proofing

After all the Product Parameters confirmed (color, material,size, gross weight, hardness). we will produce the first dildo sample. when the sample comes out, we will take videos or send it to you for your confirmation.

Custom made dildo

Rougly dildo sample come out

6, Mass production

the hand-poured mold can only produce 3-4 pcs dildos one day, if your order quantity is big, it is nesserry to increase the quantity of the molds, the molds copy cost is cheaper, around 120 USD per mold.

if the dildos produced by injection mold, one day can produce all.

dildo sleeves mass production

dildos mass production

3, Dildos packaging customization

Dildos sex toy are heavier than the others, so the boxes should be thicker and more durable. in the shipping process, the packaging will be seperated put into the packing corton box, then can well protect the packaging. when the consignee receive the goods, they repack all the dildos one by one.

Dildos Packaging have variety types. Cheap packaging solution can be Blix box or Frosted OPP bags. the higher cost packaging solution can be color box or gift box packaging.

Due to the TPE or silicone are too soft to carving on, so the log most are printed on the ourter packaging of the dildos.

Frosted OPP Bags for sex toys

OPP bag with your brand log

Blister box packaging

Plastic Blister box

Blank color box packaging

Blank color box packaging

dildo color box packaging

dildo color box packaging

4, Dildos Color customization

For Realistic dildos, the polular color has: Flash, Brown, Light chocolate, dark chocolate. to keep the color being close to realistic.

For some alike dildos, the color no limites. can be any color you want. for some anal dildos, it will be mixed color on it. 

Multi color options FTM packer

Color sample: Flash, Brown, Light chocolate, dark chocolate

5, Custom made your different type dildos

Realistic dildos is more complicated than other dildos, because most of them are  hand-made production. And TPE or plastic dildos are made by machine, the process is easier and simpler. Glass dildos also are hand-made one by one, but it is easy to be molding, the apperance is not so high requirement than realistic ones

TPE/Plastic dildos

TPE / Plastic dildos

Glass dildo manufacturing

Glass dildos

6, Custom made dildos with different functions

To make sure your dildo products more attractive and unique in the market,  add some function to the dildos can fast promote the value of the products, then can be sell with more profits

Black realistic foreskin dildo


dildos with moving balls

dildos with moving balls

Glow in dark dildos

Glow in dark dildos

Remote Control Vibrating Dildo

Romote control vibrating

7, Custom made other sex toys

ultrathin condoms


sex doll torso

sexy lingerie

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