If you want to run a long-term adult toys business, you must manage your own sex toys brand. to promote your brand identification, Custom sex toys are a necessary stage. Blue Rabbit helped many clients custom their sex products.


1.Custom Logo printed on the sex toys

It is the most commonly used process for printing logos. There are many advantages of silk-screenprinting. strong printing adaptability which can be printed on all substrates with different materials and different surface shapes, except that air and water cannot be printed. The technology is not limited by the size of the printing area. 

Silk-screen logo can be used for custom vibrators, dildos, and many other sex toys.

silk logo vibrator
mass production

This craft only can be used for mostly raw materials, like silicon, plastic, PVC, leather and metal. The adult products which can be used include vibrators, masturbation cups, BDSM toys. however, the TPE products is so soft, and can’t bear the high temperature, so not recommend.


laser engraving logo

2, Custom packing solution

Logo, color, text, printing technology, multiple languages support. Outer laminating film sealed. we have best solutions to help you costomize your packing design.


custom normal box

A gift box is much more expensive than a normal box, but for some high-end brands, it will promote the brand’s recognition and level. The cost of each piece depends on the quantity and specific demand. For custom gift boxes of small size, about 1-2 USD per piece.

custom designed gift box
sex toy gift box
Vibrators customization

For new sellers or small sellers who don’t have much budget. You can customize your brand sticker as your logo. This is much cheaper. Blue Rabbit provides a free logo sticker service for new customers.

EAC sticker sex toy
EAC sticker
EAC sticker sex toys

Different sex toys need different packing solutions, For the dildos, or pocket pussy. they are heavy per unit, if we packed it by color box, the boxes will be crushed in the long way transport. so the packing must be durable, Like a Blister box. In the blister box, the dildos are fixed well by the outside sleeves.

Some other simple packing like woven bag, opp bag, flannel bag, Aluminum film bag, etc. belongs to white label packing if without your logo.

Blister box packing
Woven bag packing
OPP bag packing
flannel bag packing
Aluminum film bag

Most sex toys are packed by color box, But the color box is not so thick to protect the toys in the long way transport. Sometimes, the Client received damaged boxes although the supplier prepared the order very carefully.

Now shrink wrap packing can avoid this bad situation. we use the plastic bag to wrap the color box and shrink the plastic film, then, a sealed retail box comes out.

this packing solution has 4 big advantages:

  • Shiny outlook, your sex toys retail box looks high-end.
  • waterproof.
  • the outer sleeve can protect the box not to be crushed.
  • sealed packing can prove it is a new one to your customer.

           Automatic high-speed shrink sealing sex Toys packing

Sealed shrink wrap packing


Finished Shrink warp packing boxes

3, Personalize your manual book, Thank-you cards, greeting cards

To enhance brand recognition and user-friendliness, sellers will personalize the product manuals and thank you cards, which will be designed in your brand style. When you send us the design base, we will confirm with you the printing process and printing material. Once everything is ready, we will print the cards in bulk and distribute them inside each box.

Personalized manual book

Manual Book

Personalized manual cards

Manual cards

customized Thank-you cards

Thank-you cards

customized greeting cards

Greeting cards

3,Color customization of adult toys

The colors of sex toys are usually the most popular colors on the market. When you want your adult toy brand to be more recognizable, you can customize the color of the adult toy you want. Normally, you can choose the color from the Pantone Color book, Then you tell us the code of Pantone Color, and we will produce the sex toys according to this code.

Bullet Vibrator
Pantone color bridge

If you want to have a brand-new product that has never appeared on the market. Just tell us your ideas or requirements. According to your needs, we will design a draft of the sex toy for you. After you confirm the design, the factory will produce samples. After the samples are confirmed, the factory will start mass production.

The design is free, and a fee will be charged from the sample stage. The production cost of different products varies greatly, and the tooling cost of vibrators is higher than that of dildos.

new sex toys

Take a Vibrator sex toy customization case as an example:

  • Fully Communication with your design idea and Manuscript
  • 3D design drawings for your adjustment and confirmation
  • Logo, texture,color,function confirmation
  • product cost, tooling cost confirmation
  • Sample production and testing
  • Mass production
Vibrator 3D design drawing

1, What is your MOQ of sex toys customization?

  • *Silk-screen logo:1000 pcs for one model, if can’t meet the MOQ, it is still available, but the unit price will be much higher.
  • * Custom normal packing box:1000 pcs for one model
  • *Logo sticker service:20 pcs for one model
  • *Custom Instruction book: 200 pcs for one model
  • *Custom sex toy color:500-1000pcs for one model
  • *ODM:2000pcs for one model

2, What’s your lead time?

For simple customization, we estimate that the delivery time for the entire customization is 3-8 days. Different requirements take different time.

3, If I can’t meet the MOQ, what can u do to help?

If the order can’t meet the MOQ, we will find some small packing company to do it, but the cost is relatively higher, then we will charge you according to their bill. That just helps, we won’t profit from it.

4, Do you have some suggestions for the new seller?

According to our rich experience, most clients want to have their brand for long-term business.

However, for some new sellers who don’t have much budget, you can take it slowly, because your order is not large, and you can’t get a good price on customized services. If you insist on customizing, the cost of your toys will increase a lot, resulting in a lack of flexibility in your sales price. In the case of a small budget, we can start our brand from the trademark sticker.

When you do your business well, you can choose better-customized services.

BDSM customization
Customized sex dice packing
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