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Adult novelties are some small sex items to spice the atmosphere or living, which can be used for couples or Multi-person party, increase more fun. Cheap price wholesale adult novelties from Blue Rabbit help your business profitable.

Quality promise: If any bulk adult novelties order has quality issue, we will fast confirm the recovery or refund within 72 hours, Inquiry Here.

BDSM rose candle

BDSM rose candle


Dildo candle with retail packing

Dildo candle with retail packing


Different size dildo candles

Different size penis candles


Female small torso erotic candles

Female small torso erotic candles mold


Small mold for erotic candle DIY

Small mold for erotic candle DIY


Dildos candle or cake mould

Dildos candle or cake mold


Spicy item DIY tool

Spicy item DIY tool


Erotic clay sculpture mold

Erotic clay sculpture mold


Metal erotic pendant for car

Metal erotic pendant for car


Small crystal penis keyking

Small crystal penis keyring


Erotic Cell phone holder

Erotic cell phone holder


Romantic spice gift for couples

Romantic spice gift for couples


Adult novelty for party

Erotic balloons for adult party


Halloween Party Mask

Adult party mask


Erotic Cake inserts for party

Erotic cake inserts for party


Spicy Headwear for party

Spicy headwear for party


Ring for sex

Ringing bell for sex


the Wheel of love

The wheel of love


White and black love dice

Sex game dice for couples


Bedroom Cards

Bedroom commands


Female Pubic hair shaping kit

Female pubic hair shaping kit


Quick-to-use Tits bells

Quick-to-use tits bells


Erotic Inflatable clothes for party

Erotic Inflatable clothes for party


butt plug candy

Butt plug candy


lots sex dice

Lots sex dice

Lots gay anus masturbators

Bulk adult masturbator toys

lot nipple clamps stock

Lot nipple clamps stock

Bulk cheap TPE cock rings

Mass cock rings stock

Now, most sites take them as the same thing. However, “sex toys” is a bit different from “adult novelties”. Sex toys are primarily made in China, and when they are imported to other countries, the “sex toys” is sensitive. People prefer another product’s name declared in the importation, besides, sex toys are a higher duty tax rate than other products, so the business owner likes the “adult novelties” better.

Narrowly speaking, adult novelties are some small spicy, or erotic items. But sex toys are directly for sexual use.

In broad terms, there is no problem if you take them as the same thing, after all, most people are doing this.

  1. Made with durable raw materials, hardly get the quality issue.
  2. An interesting design can quickly gain the attention of consumers.
  3. Mass production lowers the manufacturing cost, leading to a cheap wholesale price.
  4. Mostly are small items, with lower international shipping costs.

Because of the low price of Adult novelties, they have a big market, even though in some economically developing countries. Most consumers can afford it, compared to the directly used sex toys, which have more usage scenarios.

The key point is the competition is lower. Because the products are not so common in the market.

In a word, big market, with low competition, very great products for business.

  • Ask for the related adult sex toys catalog and pricelist
  • Make the products selection for your business
  • Confirm the quotation and the shipping solution with our sale team
  • Your order will process in 1-3 days after all details confirmed and payment
  • Blue Rabbit is powerful adult sex toys supply chain in China, you can get any sex toys you want at cheap wholesale price.
  • We protect your sex toys supplies quality. if any quality issue with your bulk order from Blue Rabbit, you will get a fast recovery or refund within 72 hours
  • Blue Rabbit will well take care of your order, you will see the details of the processing order, and we keep the shipping cost transparent to our clients, you won’t spend unnecessarry cost.

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