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Welcome sex toy Retailers, online and offline merchants wholesale anal dildos from Blue Rabbit. We offer you the cheap price from China, and we supply the best quality products for you.

Blue Rabbit Promise: You will get recovery confirmation or refund within 72 hours if any quality issues you get from our anal dildo bulk order. Inquiry here!

Alien Monster Anal Dildo

Alien Monster Dildo


Monster Anal Dildo

Alien Fantasy Dildo


Female Horny Dildo

Female Horny Dildo


Long anal dildo

Long Anal Dildo


Fantasy Red Anal Dragon Dildo

Fantasy Red Dragon Dildo


Dinosaur Dildo

Dinosaur Dildo Toy


Ovipositor Dragon Dildo

Ovipositor Dragon Dildo


Dragon's Tongue Dildo

Dragon’s Tongue Deep Anal Dildo


Glow in dark Anal dildo

Glow in Dark Anal Dildo


Spiral Glowing dildo for Anus

Spiral Glowing Dildo for Anus


four different size Luminous anal toys

Four Different Size Luminous Anal Toys


Luminous Horse dildo

Luminous Horse Dildo


Big girth colorful anal expanding dildo

Big Girth Colorful Anal Expanding Dildo


Mixed golden color Anal dildos

Mixed Golden Color Anal Dildos


colorful Anal dildo for men

Small Thumb Colorful Anal Toy


Flower pattern liquid silicone anal dildo

Flower Pattern Liquid Silicone Anal Dildo


Glass Dildo Wand


Glass Dildo Plug

Glass Dildo Plug


Curved Double Sided Glass Dildo

Curved Double Sided Glass Dildo


Clear Glass Anal Beads

Clear Glass Anal Beads


1, Anal dildos can be used for female consumers and male consumers, vaginal dildos are mostly used for females.

2, Vaginal dildos are made to look like the appearance of the penis, but anal dildos have no limits on the appearance design. Actually, some male users don’t like the penis shape of it. So you can see the alien dildos are designed for the anus.

3, Vaginal dildo can be well-fit anal stimulation, but an anal dildo does not always fit vaginal stimulation.

Except glass anal dildos, anal dildos from Blue Rabbit mostly are made with liquid silicone, this is the best raw materials for sex toys, it is higher level than normal silicone, and the hardness of the silicone is 8-10 degree, very soft touch or use feeling, but the price is higher than other dildos

  • Material: Silicone, liquid silicon, glass dildo.
  • Color: Colorful, transparent, glowing in the dark.
  • Size: Small, Middle, Large, Huge size.
  • Customization: Further talking with your design and requirements.
  • Also you can explore more sex toys on our Alibaba store.
bulk glass dildos

Packed glass dildos

Finishing dildos

Vibrating dildos production

Realistic dildos Samples

Realistic dildos  samples

Finished TPE dildos

Finished TPE dildos 

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