Artificial Dildos are the most popular sex toy for female consumer,They are realistic,and lifelike,real feeling sex toys,now there are more and more new styles,and more function,can well meet the demands of the sex toy market.Bulk wholesale dildos toy from Blue Rabbit will help you save a lot of time and costs.

The Process of Wholesale or Customization

Realistic Dildos

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Vibrating Dildos

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Glass Dildos

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Strap On Dildos

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Anal Dildos

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Double Side Dildos

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1.How many types of dildos toys for sale are in the market?

Artificial Dildos is a female sex toy, usually used for vaginal or anal masturbation.

we classify the dildos according to defferent fators:

  • Appearance:lifelike dildos,alike dildos,fist dildos.amimal dildos.
  • Matetial:TPE dildo,silicon dildo,liquid silicon dildo.
  • Color:skin color dildo,colorful dildo,transparent dildo,glowing in dark dildo.
  • Function:manual dildos,vibrator dildos,hearting dildos,jetting dildo

Also with so many size of them.

2. Dildos factory show:

3. The quality of dildos from defferent supplier:

From the side of dildo supplier.they can manufacture defferent mateirail dildos.

Nomally,TPE dildos are soft,and better feeling,but the life is shorter,the lower quality for save.

Silicon didos is better quality,but it is harder than TPE

Liquid didos is the best ,good feeling and better quality,but very high price.

So different texture has defferent result,As a saler,should judge the market by themself.

4.Custom service for wholesale dildos.

Artificial Dildos is very mature products in sex toy industry,the manufacturing is very simple,So now there so many types dildos in the market.and have been mostly meeting the requiments of the market.

So when we wholesale the dildo for owner business,we just customized the package with the logo,and find the size,color,function in the market,It is not difficult.

Blue Rabbit can help you custom your package for your own brand.

5.Shipping for dildos bulk order

Leading time:for small order(100 pcs below),1-2days

                     for bulk order.3-10days

Shipping way:the dildos is very heavy,if by express or by air,will be very expensive.the best way is by sea.then you can lower the cost for per unit.

The saler wholesale dildos by sea or by air has a big defference with purchase cost.and will make out defferent sale result.

For example,100 pcs normal maunal lifelike dildos (2USD/pc).the weight is 30 KG.ship to EU         

      by air.the shipping cost is 255USD,the total is :255+2*100=455

      the purchase cost is 4.55USD/pc

      by sea.shipping cost 80USD.the the total is :80+2*100=280

      the purchase cost is 2.8USD/pc.

The defferent cost will make defferent retail price and marketing decision

5.The advantages of wholesale dildos sex toys from Blue Rabbit:

 1) We never sell fakes, 100% guaranteed to be original dildos sex toys.

 2) We always have stock, and the delivery time is very short. If we are out of stock, we will communicate with you before you place the order

3) We are one of the largest sex toy suppliers in China, with a large purchase volume. Manufacturers give priority to cooperation with us, and the price is advantageous.

4) Serving customers’ businesses and helping customers grow bigger is our business philosophy.

6. How to order the dildos sex toy from Blue Rabbit?

 1.Directly order them from Blue Rabbit Alibaba store.

 2.Contat us for more details before wholesale dildos sex toy.

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