How to make the perfect adult toys wholesale order?(cost, safety, sale support)

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If you spend little time on a purchase, you will spend more time selling, if you spend more time on a purchase, you will spend less time selling. Let us make it simple, if you make the best adult toys wholesale order, your adult sex toys business will be easier and more profitable.

Blue Rabbit (wholesale sex toys manufacturer)has hundreds of oversea clients, Let us sort out some good experiences to help you make the best adult toys wholesale order from China.

We will talk about it in three parts: purchase costs, import safety, and sustainable sale support from your supplier .

Table of Content

1.Purchase Cost( price, shipping cost, tax, transaction cost)

a. adult products pricing

b. shipping cost

c. tax duty

d. bank fees & commission

2.Import Safety: products quality, delivery time, shipment safety, order disputes.

a. product quality

b. delivery time

c. shippment safety

d. order disputes

3.Sale Support: Pre-sales Support, After-sales Support, Financial Support

a. pre-sales support

b. after-sales support

c. financial support

1. Purchase Cost( price, shipping cost, tax, transaction cost)

Most clients focus on the product’s price. Yes, it is important, but when you finish all the processes of adult toys wholesale purchase. You will find out the cost is everywhere. Sometimes, the shipping cost is higher than the products. So let’s optimize each cost in the process.

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a. Adult Products Pricing

the price from different suppliers, is not a big difference, because the market has been in full competition, and sex toys are not a new thing anymore. You can compare with some suppliers with the price, the hot selling adult toys almost same price, for some new arrivals will make a bit difference.    

   So, How to get a lower price than average?

  • Adjustment of the order quantity if possible,  “bigger quantity, better price” is the rule of China suppliers. For adult toys, 50-100 pcs is apparently a lower price than 3-50 pcs, almost 10% lower rate.
  • Some suppliers have market promotions to attract customers, if you can find some products suit for your plan, you can get some discount.
  • Well long- term cooperation with your supplier, you can get fast price updates and discount information.

b. Shipping Cost

There is a lot of work you can do on it. The price is a big difference. Most of the shipment will be undertaken by the shipping agent. Every shipping agent has an advantage in the shipping line. The easiest way is to find the advantage shipping agent according to your shipment plan.

For example, the Shipping agent’s main managing Line is FedEx Express. Because of their mass shipments by FedEx, so they can get 70% off the official price. And Shipping agent B mainly managing line is the DHL Express, fewer shipments with FedEx than A, so FedEx only can give them 60% off the official price.

By air or By sea?

Normally, the sea shipping cost is 1/3 of the air shipping cost. So, if your business plan is good and no rush. By sea will help you save a lot. Mostly big clients prefer the sea shipping way. Then they will have more profit and a price advantage over their shipping by air. The most important thing to remember before deciding is that you need a good business plan.

Perhaps you are not professional in the shipping process. Blue Rabbit is an experienced business partner and we have dozens of cooperated shipping agents who are the best we worked with. We will help you get the best shipping solutions, we just try to help our clients and won’t make pennies on the cost of shipping.

shipping method

c. Tax Duty

Every imported good is taxed at the time of customs clearance. Each country has a different tax policy. What can we do about it?

In fact, there are two ways to reduce it.

  • We can opt for the tax-inclusive shipping way (DDP). With this shipping way, your goods will be cleared in full containers. The shipping agent pays the tax instead of you. They have more experience in this area than you do. The tax will be much lower than you should pay.
  • Nowadays, some of the big B2B E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, and Mad-in-China company will charge VAT or other taxes from US and EU countries in advance. Actually, these taxes are not charged before. If we can deal directly with the adult sex toys suppliers, we can handle flexibly the VAT ourselves.

d. Bank Fees & Commission

We investigated the bank charges from our cooperated client. She paid more than 10% of the order amount as bank charges. This is too heavy and unacceptable for the business.

We try to lower the intermediate cost of the transaction, then will gain more advantage over your competitors.

Bank charges rates as follows:

  1. T/T(Telegraphic Transfer): 15-50 USD per transaction(for different country ,different bank), you will be charged 20 USD, whether you pay 1000USD,10000USD or 100000USD. It is very economical for the payment above 1000USD.
  2. PayPal: 3.5% of the order amount, for small payment.
  3. Credit Cards: 3-8% of the order amount, depending on the credit card issuing banks.
  4. Alibaba Platform: 2.2% of the order amount. This fee is not charged by the buyer, but also by the supplier. But it is the same. It is also a transaction cost.

As an experienced buyer, there is no doubt that T/T is the best way to pay.

For some newers, maybe worry about the security of T/T payment. Which is reasonable but not necessary. In China, every trader who cheats will be punished and have their business licence revoked. Blue Rabbit is well-managed brand for many years. We just try to help our clients and never cheat one of our clients.

2. Import Safety: products quality, delivery time, shipment safety, order disputes.

a. Products Quality

High-quality adult toys may not help your business or brand quickly, but low-quality products can damage it fast.

  1. the well-known sex toy brands have a guarantee of quality, but the prices are always high. And they pride themselves on new clients and small businesses.
  2. you can check the historical feedback data of suppliers on some of the big e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba. But such as Alibaba. But don’t trust it completely, there might be some fake feedback.
  3. sample orders for quality testing. From the sample orders, you can overview the supplier is doing and how good the product is.

You can also work with Blue Rabbit, which focus on adult toys industry. All the partner manufacturers and factories are long-time tested. You have a commitment to quality with every sex toy from Blue Rabbit.

Masturbator cup parts

b. Delivery Time

For some clients, have a very tight business plan, and well planned every step. Perhaps they have sales on some special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

So how do you ensure that delivery times are secure? Delivery times include production lead times and goods transit times.

  •  a special contract is signed with the supplier or vendor. And this contract includes a delivery time component. Your wholesale orders will be taken seriously by them.
  • If by air, using the DHL, FedEx, UPS big global express company, your arrival time can be somewhat promised. If by sea, using Matson, Star shipping company. Fastest shipping time by sea.

c. Shipment Safety

International shipment will run long time on the way. And will be got through several transit points. When you receive it, you will find the outer boxes will be sticked so many labels by many shipping company.

So well packing can protect your adult toys wholesale order very well.

To avoid the damage of the shipping process.We have some ways to do it.

  • Outer Box(5 layers)
  • Inner Box foam protection
  • Outer Box corner protection
  • Outer Box woven protection
outer box in 5 layers
Foam protection in the inner box
Outer box corner protection
Read to ship

d. Order Disputes

When you received the wholesale order and you find it doesn’t match the agreement, then you contact your adult toys supplier. If there is good communication between the two parties, nothing will happen. If the communication is poor and both parties insist that it is not their fault. A dispute of the order will then arise.

1, Collect the proof. Pictures or videos are better than words.

2, Refund or other replacement.

A dispute is not a bad thing, it can be a real test your supplier of your supplier’s accountability and trust. A reliable adult toy vendor does not avoid problems and always deals with them positively.

3. Sale Support: Pre-sales Support, After-sales Support, Financial Support

dildos lot

a. Pre-sales Support

Now many new clients are starting their adult sex toys business from an online sex shop. But in order to set up an online store, they need to put beautiful pictures and accurate descriptions of products. However mass variety sex toys have so many pictures that you will spend a lot of time sorting them out and maybe still not get good results.

Blue Rabbit can provide you with all the materials you need to build an online adult business, High-resolution pictures (Renderings, Physical pictures, Factory Production Pictures), videos for social media. Accurate descriptions…

b. After-sales Support

When you make the plan for your next bulk order, you want the do the Market Analysis and investigation, you try to find the best Potential products in the future market. A good supplier will provide the data you want to check out.

When you resell the adult toys to your customers, maybe you will get some feedback you don’t know how to explain, like functions, and quality issues. We will help you work it out together. Blue Rabbit team always keeps the same passion with you.

sex toys wholesaler

c. Financial Support

Most imported adult toy orders from China will be paid in full in advance. Because the average amount of the order is not big. Some bigger orders will be paid a 30% deposit, then the balance payment will be paid when the order is ready. How can get more financial support from your supplier?

1, You have good business habits, maybe you are newer in the market, but you must be serious about business in the cooperation

2, you are focused on the adult sex toys business. You or your company are working on it.

3, you are growing or you have big potential in the adult market.

4, your good business habit will bring you good business credit and well cooperation records.

For example, Blue Rabbit will Assess client strength and credit every year, some regular clients above two years with good credit records, Blue Rabbit will offer clients 3-6 months billing period. To easier the cash pressure on some clients. Or other financial support ways to help clients fast grow.


Wholesale sex toys from China have a lot of details we can do. Making the perfect purchase order will keep your cost lower than your competitors. You can have more selling price options, and enough profit to manage your adult toys brand well.

Blue Rabbit team aims to serve and help grow your sex toys business, so let’s happy work together.

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