Dropshipping now is a new way of the sex toys business. It is good for small businesses. no warehouse, no need for a big investment. Blue Rabbit sex toys dropshipper would like to provide drop shipping service for you.

1, How does Blue Rabbit dropshipping service work?

  • Listing our sex toys on your sales platform. (We suggest uploading the products one by one Manually, better effective for customers)

  • Your customer places an order

  • Providing order information to BlueRabbit. (set up our email to your site or manually send it to us in one day)

  • BlueRabbit delivers orders directly to your customers with your brand

sex toy dropshipping

Dropshipping working process

2, How does Blue Rabbit charge for dropshipping service?

  • Total cost (per order) = Product price+Shipping cost+$1(Packing cost)+$1(labor cost)+bank transaction fee
  • Product price is according to the price list of Blue Rabbit
  • Shipping cost is according to the quote from the Shipping agent (monthly updated)
  • Due to the different payment methods, transaction fees are different.

cost and profit

3, Time Frame Of Dropshipping order process.

when we receive your dropshipping order, we start processing it.

  • Processing time= order prepare time+ shipping time
  • order prepare time:1-3 days (packing time + sending the package to the shipping agent)
  • Shipping time: Economic Shipping:10-15 days;  Fast shipping by express:4-8 days
  • For fast shipping, European country addresses require VAT number for shipping

Sex toys dropshipping packing

Sex toys dropshipping packing

4. The shipping cost of dropshipping orders.

  • All orders will be shipped out from China.

  • Shipping cost is charged according to the gross weight of the package.

  • International shipping cost is always changing. We will update the latest price every Monday. Pls pay attention to the latest shipping price and change your shipping cost settings.

  • There are two shipping ways for the orders: Economic Shipping and Fast shipping by express
  • All the shipping cost is based on the quote of the shipping agent, Blue Rabbit is a Reputable sex toys supplier,won’t earn money on it.

Take the USA address as example, shipping cost rate according to the package gross weight:

  •  Economic Shipping:


    0.4-0.6kg→→ $15


  • Fast shipping:




5, How does Blue Rabbit deal with the Problems orders?

If your sex toy dropshipping order got a problem like abnormal package status/Package loss/Wrong product or bad product.

  • The package was undelivered over time: When the shipping time exceeds the estimated time by 10 days, half of the total order amount will be refunded as compensation

  • Package loss: After the shipping company investigates the status of the package and finally confirms that the package is lost, we will do a full refund

  • The final customer receives the wrong or bad product: If the situation is reported within 48 hours of the package being delivered, please provide video evidence for our inspection and we will negotiate a refund with you when it is confirmed that this is indeed our responsibility.

the warehouse of sex toy dropshipper

warehouse of sex toy dropshipper

5, Some limits of our adult toys dropshipping service?

1, Due to the shipping service is not good in some countries, maybe a too long a delivery time or too high a shipping cost. we only accept the delivery address from the countries below:

USA/Canada/UK/Italy/Germany/France/Spain/Poland/Ireland / Austria / Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg/Portugal / Romania / Greece / Bulgaria/Hungary/Czech Republic/Sweden / Denmark

2, To keep our job more valuable, we have MOQ (Minimum order quantity) for the dropshipping service.

Our MOQ is 30 dropshipping orders per month. if you can not meet this MOQ, we will stop the service in next month, So please estimate your sale volume seriously.

Sex Toys supply chain - Blue Rabbit

Sex Toys supply chain – Blue Rabbit

Truths of adult toys dropshipping

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