Blue Rabbit is a new brand that focuses on serving overseas sex toys online business. It was established as a joint venture by two powerful sex toys manufacturers in China.

One of the parent factories of Blue Rabbit is China’s largest vibrator manufacturer. Another one is a domestic manufacturer of TPE raw materials and finished goods. Raw materials such as motors and silicone can be produced independently by Blue Rabbit.

Because of the large scale of the factory, the cost of raw materials, packaging, molds, logistics, etc. all have a greater price advantage in the sex toy industry.

The most important component of the Vibrator is the motor, and the most important raw material for male sex toys is TPE.

These components and raw materials can be manufactured by ourselves. Therefore, the price of raw materials of Blue Rabbit has a greater advantage in the sex toys industry.

At the same time, our raw materials and components are also supplied to other domestic sex toys manufacturers

sex toys wholesale for China

We are a sex toys supplier of raw materials and components for many domestic sex toys manufacturers. Although it is a competitive relationship, there is also friendly cooperation.

If our existing sex toys categories cannot meet your requirements, We will contact some high-quality manufacturers that have long-term cooperation with Blue Rabbit to arrange the supply for you. In addition,we will help you control the cost of sex toys and guarantee the quality of the shipment.

We provide a One-stop purchasing service to improve your purchasing efficiency.

Blue Rabbit is committed to serving and helping customers’ sex toys business. Our team has rich experience in the international sex toys trade and can communicate with customers more smoothly.

In addition, we not only provide high-quality products and competitive prices.

we will also provide marketing advice if you want, these marketing strategies are summarized from the successful customers who have worked with us, which especially are suitable for new sellers.


We are good at website marketing.

If you have an online sex toys store or your own sex toys website, we can provide SEO advice, and provide a lot of free Chinese domain backlinks resources to help your website improve the Google Rank and get more flows.

(This service only belongs to customers who have deep cooperation with Blue Rabbit.)