We are an overseas marketing department jointly funded by three powerful sex product manufacturers in China. Based on excellent product quality, the most competitive price of our factories, and our superior ability of marketing service, we aim to build a complete and stable supply chain of adult products for those who want to start a sex product business.

Our factories have 25 years of experience in adult product industry. We produce various female vibrators /dildos, as well as sex products such as male masturbators, anal plug/cock rings, sex dolls/half sex dolls, etc.

When we first got into this business, we focus on China’s domestic market. After 2008, we often received some clients from Europe and the United States to buy adult products. Their requirements for sex products are quite different from our domestic standards and designs. Gradually, we have learned what kind of styles they like.

Afterwards, we were gradually turning to overseas markets, and launched our website on Google to get more users to find us. We have accumulated many large and small buyers.

In recent years, we noticed more and more people started online businesses. Many start-ups set up online stores, such as Amazon, eBay, or Shopify stores. They want to get a relatively low MOQ from sex toy suppliers, and also need a variety of adult products to test the market. So we also support these small businesses to help their businesses can grow.

No matter how big or small our clients are, we take them seriously. We provide a good supply chain in China, you just need to focus on marketing in your country.

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