Make your adult business simple and profitable

Quality promise: If any bulk sex toys order gets quality issue from Bluerabbit, we will confirm the recovery solution or refund  within 72 hours!

Competitve price: Our powerful sex toys supply chian will keep your supply price more competitive than your business competitor!

The vision of Blue Rabbit: Building and optimizing the sex toys supply chain in China for our overseas clients.

Blue Rabbit will reach out to sex toys manufacturers and factories, test their supply quality, and Integrate a number of manufacturers with reasonable supply prices into our supply chain system. We are continuously optimizing and adjusting our supply chain system to be in the best position to reach our overseas customers.

The sex toy supplies include vibrators, dildos, BDSM, sexy lingeries, Sexual Wellness, and other sex products.

The sex toys supply Chain also includes Shipping solutions, tax duty, transaction cost, and a More flexible OEM solution.

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The Mission of Blue Rabbit: Make our clients’ adult business simple and profitable!

We protect the quality of your sex toy supplies. you will lose nothing if your bulk order from BlueRabbit has a quality issue. we will afford it. keep your adult business simple.

We help you negotiate the prices of the supplies. we have lots of clients and orders from overseas. we are an important player in the sex toys market. we will keep your supply price reasonable and competitive via our supply chain. after it, we earn a reasonable profit.

One word: It is our job to keep you are one of the strongest competitors in your local market.

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Bule Rabbit : Arno Ding

You focus on your local sex toys market, Blue Rabbit team takes well of your supply side in China, leading to a win-win result via our mutual cooperation.

If possible, we will share some market data or other clients’ successful marketing ways for your reference. help you from our side.

We will continue working on Sex toys supply prices, Shipping costs, customization costs, transaction costs, and other hidden costs to lower your total business cost.

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Silicone Sex toys parts

Silicone Sex toys parts

Sex toys molds

Sex toys molds

Vibrators Assembly

Vibrator Assembly Line

sex torso mass production

TPE toys Pouring

sex toys age testing

Sex toys age testing

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Finished  vibrator toys

Sex toys warehouse

Sex toys warehouse

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BDSM toys sample room

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