10 Types of Sex Toy Packaging Designs for the Adult Business

Variety sex toys packaging

The adult sex toy packaging in the market has two types, one is the original packaging from the manufacturers, and the other is the customized packaging from the brand owner.

Blue Rabbit help you sort out all the sex toys packaging solution for your adult business reference.

1, Color box

This is the most common packaging solution for female sexual vibrators, it is lower cost than a gift box, but still can be made very beautiful to show to the customers.

Normally, in the sex toy color box packaging from the China manufacturers,  there will be a plastic sleeve to fix the sex toy, then put into the outer box with instructions and accessories.

If you want to customize the sex toy box for your own brand, The color box design must be a PDF or AI file to send to the packaging factory, the design file must include details of box dimensions, printing process, and printing colors.

Sex toy color box

2, Gift box

Gift boxes are more Luxurious than color boxes. The cardboard materials are thicker and more durable than a color box. And there will be foam in it to fix the sex toy and the charger.

For the printing process, there will be more options to make it more beautiful.

A gift box is a much high cost than a color box, it will be used for some higher-value products or high-end brands. Or some gifts business.

3, Blister Box

Blister boxes are usually for small bullet vibrators or some TPE dildos. it is an Economical packaging solution, Opposite to the gift box, this packaging aims to lower the packaging cost to keep the sex toy more competitive in price.

The blister box contains two parts, the cardboard, and the outer plastic. The outer plastic is transparent to show the product, and the cardboard will show the user manual book and brand information.

sex toy Blister Box

4, See-through color box

This color box is a bit different from the common color box. This is more used in the offline retail store, the customers can see the sex toy in the box, to increase the trust and Buying Impulse.

The design uses a part of the transparent plastic in the front of the box. The transparent part can be designed according to the sex toy’s size and type.

see-through color box for vibrators

5, Retail box

Like other products, sex toys Retail boxes are used in the supermarket or Brick-and-mortar stores.

The top of the retail box is designed with a small hole hanging on the sex toys cargo rack. This is the big difference with other boxes. The other parts are similar to the Blister box or see-through box. It will show the real sex toy to the end user. Some color boxes will print a big picture on the front of the box that is not transparent.

sex toy retail box

6, Storage box or sex toys kit box

The sex toys kit box is big in size, and luxurious as a gift box. Which is for some sex toys kit packaging solutions. Because it will contain multi-sex toys, so size of the box is usually very big. And to keep the sex toys fixed, there will be foam in them.

Besides, the sex toys kit box can be used as a storage box for some end-user who have many adult toys.

For some sex toy companies that run the brand, it can be used to do the sex toy subscription box.

Sex toys storage box

7, Cheap OPP bag packaging

OPP bag is the cheapest packaging. Actually, nobody would like to choose it except no better way.

There will have transparent OPP bags and Frosted OPP Bags, the transparent opp bags are used for some BDSM toys, like cuffs, and paddles.

The frosted OPP bag is used for some dildos and pocket pussy. Because these toys are so sensitive. And TPE products are price competitive. A cheap packing solution will help.

BDSM toy packaging
Frosted OPP Bags for sex toys

8, Velvet drawstring bag

This type of bag is for some small size sex toys, like sex dice sets, or anal plugs.

The cotton material is a soft touch and looks textured. The drawstring design can keep small items not easily lost.

Besides, the Velvet bag can easier the impacts of the metal anal plugs, and keep the products in good condition during transport.

Sex toy Velvet drawstring bag

9, Aluminum foil bag

The aluminum foil bag is similar to the frosted OPP bag, but it is more suitable for smaller size sex toys. Like cock rings and silicone butt plugs.

Sometimes Aluminum bag is a Transitional packaging solution because some clients have their own outer color box, the supplier only needs to send the products to them, and they will finish the final packaging. Then the supplier needs transitional packaging, Aluminum foil bag is a good option.

The advantage: cheap cost, Resistant to light and high temperature. Looks better than OPP bag packaging.

Aluminum foil bag adult toy packing

10, Bubble bags

Bubble bag packaging is for some fragile sex toys, like glass dildos and metal anal toys.

Glass toys need a very high-safety packaging solution, bubble bags are the first protection. and after it, then will wrap thick other bubble materials to avoid any impacts.

For the metal sex toys, the weight per unit is heavy. The impact is also heavy, if every toy is packed in a bubble bag. The shipment condition is much more safety.

sex toy Bubble bags


Adult toys belong to impulse consumption goods, its packaging is not only to meet the better protection of the product state but also to attract consumers so that consumers have the impulse to buy. This is why many male masturbator cups have very beautiful women printed on them.

In addition, the unique packaging can make your brand more recognizable, so that the product looks more high-end, then your product can sell for a higher price.

Blue Rabbit has a very professional packaging customization service to make your packaging customization lower cost and more suitable to your requirements. Welcome to contact us.

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