10 Smart Marketing Ideas For Sex Toys Online Store

Affiliate marketing sex toys

You’ve spent a long time setting up your online adult toys store. Now, how do you introduce it to your customers? How to attract valuable and accurate customers to visit your sex toys store? How to do sex toys marketing with low cost and Little competition?

You have great sex products, you have competitive prices, and you are an Integrity of store owner. But firstly, you need to get in touch with your customers. Traffic is the key point of all e-commerce stores.

10 new online sex toys Marketing ideas for your reference, Hope can help you improve your adult toys business.

Build Your sex toy Website With SEO In Mind

1. Build Your Sex Toy Website With SEO In Mind

Spare no expense in building a great e-commerce store for your adult business. In the modern world, your website is the same way as a conventional store. 

Would you welcome business in a shabby brick-and-mortar store? No. And you won’t get much business on a shabby website either.

Build a classy website, find keywords you can target, and make it work fast. A website built with keyword and technical SEO in mind is a very good idea to hit all these targets. 

Keywords represent the main keywords your e-commerce sex toy business is targeting. Technical SEO represents additional aspects of your website like good user experience, fast load times, and easy navigation.

Not only does keeping SEO in mind help you get good business, but its guidelines also help create a better website experience for your customers.

Start An Adult Blog With Your E-Commerce Store

2. Start An Adult Blog With Your E-Commerce Store

Adult Blogs are a great way to provide useful information to your customers, while also targeting organic and long-tail keywords. Every normal human being will be interested in sex topic. So the sex products keywords have a huge search volume. For example, “dildo” has 240 000 search times on Google per month.

Create good content that talks about the sex toys you’re selling, provide sex education, and share some tips that will be beneficial to your readers. This helps you establish authority and create a connection with your readers and customers.

A blog with good content doesn’t come cheap! Will spend much time or cost.

However, good content will help you establish a rapport with your readers. It will also make it easy for possible customers to find your website and e-commerce store.

If you do your SEO and content right, you can reach plenty of potential customers over time. Organic SEO has staying power. In the long run, it is very likely to turn out cheaper than paying for ads or PPC.

Start A Newsletter

3. Strat A Newsletter

Got your sex toy website running? It’s time to start a newsletter. 

The idea here is simple, users register to receive your newsletter and you send them emails at a certain frequency. Once a week or twice a month can be a good frequency, or you could choose one depending on your business goals. 

Newsletters provide websites with excellent marketing and targeting capabilities. Essentially, each email address subscribed to your newsletter is a person who has a clear interest in your business. These can be existing, or even new customers.

With each newsletter, send useful information to your subscribers. This could even be content from your blog. Also, make it a point to occasionally send newsletter-only discount codes. This encourages readers to buy from your store and also provides a clear benefit for subscribing to the newsletter.

Top 50 sex blogs

4. Reach Out To Bloggers And Influential

A lot of people declare themselves to be influential, but a select few actually have enough influence to guide people to your online store and adult products.

Select a few bloggers and influential in the sex products niche, such as Phallophile Reviews, and reach out to them. You could ask them to provide an honest review of your products and send them the chosen product for free if they agree. 

It’s also a good idea to offer them to be a part of your website’s affiliate program. You could also provide them with blogger-specific or influential-specific discount codes that they can offer to their followers. 

I would suggest against trying to purchase good sex toy reviews. A blogger or influential could call out attempts to buy reviews, and that won’t help the reputation of your business. 

Honest reviews are useful for the long term as they will give you a fair and honest idea about your products. The average buyer will appreciate this. 

Get Into Paid Advertising With Popular Adult Advertising Networks

5. Get Into Paid Advertising With Popular Adult Advertising Networks

Though we’re discussing innovative marketing methods, it won’t do good to ignore the conventional paths. 

Start paid ads on ad-serving networks. Many conventional networks heavily restrict the serving of ads meant for sex toys or adult products. For example, Google Ads puts sex toy ads in the “strongly restricted” category. 

You can still buy ads there, but remember to read through the instructions and stay within the guidelines. Trying to slip through with mislabeling ads or going around instructions can result in account suspension.

Many sex toy sellers find better returns by advertising through Adult-themed advertising networks like ExoClick and TwinRed. These should be a part of your marketing strategy, even if you’re working with larger ad networks.

Social Networks Like Instagram, Quora, And Reddit

6. Social Networks Like Instagram, Quora, And Reddit

Create a social presence on websites like Reddit, Quora, Instagram, and others. Social networks give businesses an easy way to connect with their patrons. Become a part of the overall community and engage with your customers.

If you’re on websites like Quora and Reddit, try not to engage in blatant self-promotion. Instead, become a member of the community and provide value to these groups. 

Overzealous self-promotion quickly becomes spam and turns people away from such engagements. However, adding value to the community earns praise and gives your brand a better image.

Outreach With Platforms Like HARO

7. Outreach With Platforms Like HARO

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a popular platform where reporters post queries for their articles and information. As a business, you can be active on this platform and provide answers and assistance to reporters.

This helps the image of your business and provides exposure to a larger group. Gaining mentions in high-ranking and trusted websites like Healthline or Forbes, not only drives traffic and prestige but also does wonders for your SEO.

Start A TikTok Account

8. Start A TikTok Account

You know what’s all the rage these days? TikTok! Be a contributor to the trend and upload videos and content related to your business. 

It’s even better if you can give them a creative flair that suits the vibrant setting of TikTok. Remember to make content for the platform if you want to stand apart and get noticed. Though there are significant overlaps, the TikTok community isn’t the same as YouTube or Instagram.

Many businesses make a standard, bland video and share it across their media presence. That’s acceptable, but occasionally remember to produce videos for the app. That’s how you engage with the community and get them more interested in your brand.

Keep in mind, Tiktok doesn’t take kindly to adult products except for sexy lingerie. So, you’ll have to be more creative with your messaging. Focus on your brand and stay within community guidelines. 

The difference between TikTok and YouTube is: Tiktok is Interest-oriented, and Youtube is Search Orientation. So tags of your content are very important on TikTok.

Well Manage Your YouTube Videos

9. Well Manage Your YouTube Videos

There may be competitors all around, but YouTube is still the king of video content. Engage with your viewers on YouTube, showing off new products, encouraging reviews, and providing them with information and videos for the sex toys you’re selling.

Try not to have a dry channel that only shows the sex toys you’re selling. Those basic product videos are sure to get ignored in the sea of content that’s uploaded to YouTube every second.

Instead, try to offer your audience something creative, perhaps fun, and where possible, educational. 

Consumption of video content is on an upward trajectory and will continue that way for the foreseeable future. Consider investing in your YouTube videos for better results and reach.

Properly label and categorize the videos. This helps keep them in the right category and away from users who might be sensitive to such content. Also, it dramatically reduces the chances of YouTube decided to take punitive action against your channel.

Notice: sex toys Video is restricted content on Youtube, you need to set it only for adult Audiences, or your account will be shut down!

Affiliate marketing sex toys

10. Be A Part Of Major Affiliate Networks

We’ve already talked about reaching out to bloggers, influential, and ad networks, but affiliate networks deserve a special mention.

Being a part of a major affiliate network like Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Rakuten Advertising, and others increase your outreach. Many bloggers or influential who are a part of these networks might apply to your affiliate program and reach out.

This can dramatically increase your reach and marketing without you having to actively put in more effort. Of course, there are costs involved, but overall, affiliate networks are a great way to achieve more reach and better sex toys marketing.

Final Words

Above 10 Simplified ideas is just for reference, there are many details to move on, you can take some of them you are good at.or you have your own ways to do the sex toys marketing. Anyway, Marketing is the most valuable step for the business. Sex toys have the biggest online traffic, but also have the most limits of marketing. How to get the best marketing way still need us (including Blue Rabbit) to explore more.

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